14 May 2011

Cloudy Bay Fish Co.: Seafood, Westfield Sydney (25 Mar 2011)

The Sydney Room, Level 5, Westfield Sydney
Cnr Market and Castlereagh St Sydney NSW 2000

Quality at a price

I’ve visited the Cloudy Bay Fish Co on three occasions now and noticed on my most recent visit the menu seems to have evolved to include A tasting plate of all seafood ($19.50) which satisfies by desire to always try a bit of everything. My favourite item to date has been the quality and decent sized Prawn cocktail out of the four offerings. The texture and taste of the Ablacore tuna, braised with lemon mayonnaise and the Kingfish poached in verjuice seemed very similar to me. I wish they had more variety to choose from with three of the selections being fish. If they really want to call it a seafood tasting plate then I think other choices like mussels, scallops, oysters and octopus should be available in the mix — it’s more like a tasting plate of fish. The salad was fresh although the dressing was fairly flavourless for me if there was any at all.

PROS: Quality ingredients, Nice clean seating around if you can find some when busy
CONS: Expensive, Three of the four items are fish on the tasting plate. Limited variety of seafood, Small portions provided
MUST TRY: Prawn cocktail is pretty good, Next visit I might try fish and chips
25 March 2011 visit

A tasting plate of all seafood ($19.50) salad

Prawn cocktail

Ablacore tuna, briased with lemon mayonnaise

Kingfish poached in verjuice

King Salmon roasted with lemon thyme


Kingfish poached in verjuice

King Salmon roasted with lemon thyme

Ablacore tuna, braised with lemon mayonnaise

Prawn cocktail

25 November 2010 visit

Half Tuna and Half Prawn cocktail salad ($14.50) — I had to ask for this specifically and there seemed to be confusion amongst the staff whether it was allowed or not

Charlie's Honest Quencher Old Fashioned Orange and Mango Lemonade ($4)

19 November 2010 visit
Braised tuna roll ($9.50)


Bread rolls

Service counter

Seating and decor


thang @ noodlies said...

Gosh, Westfields gone foodie.. lots of quality food places all in the one place.

Dolly said...

talk about it..

seafood yum..

hey were u at vivo yesterday?

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi thang, there's so many choices now but i'll have to work out which ones are the best to eat at now ;-)

hi dolly, i was at VIVO on friday night for a blogging event. were you there? should have come up to say hi :-)

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Prawn cocktail is definitely my favourite too - such quality prawns...!

Dolly said...

haha nah.. i was walking to the gym *goes red*

not that i acutally gymed that night. how tragic :(

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi tina, i love a good prawn

hi dolly, that would have been even better. fitness gear i guess.

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