20 May 2011

GOODGOD 'Small Club': The Dip is now open for dinner, Sydney (19 May 2011)

55 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Serving up jugs of punch

It seems the American-style eats of The Dip is a welcomed addition to the GOODGOD bar which will be open Wednesday to Saturday nights. The menu style reminds me of the bar snack food being offered at The Norfolk. The launch party menu sounded pretty appetising although sadly I didn't get to try it due to arriving later in the night after the kitchen had closed and the event was ending. I did however manage to try a leftover Mini cookies n cream which probably wasn't the best thing to have with my Sol beer at the time but nevertheless enjoyable as a sweet treat. It's been a very long time since I've stepped into this bar which I vaguely remember when it used to be the La Campana Spanish Restaurant. A young uni-student looking crowd prevails.

The bar decor seems to have changed to quite a quirky yet strangely welcoming setting. I was shouted to share in the Antonio Clifton Punch Jug ($28) which served about 3 drinks. A refreshing blend made to order of Campari, Gin & Cinzano Rosso served with orange and lemonade. A very easy drinking concoction, especially if you've been dancing in the back room Danceteria aka Silent Disco with headphones supplied by the Silent Disco King. Be sure to check out the video of people dancing with headphones which is quite amusing to watch although it does have the advantage of allowing one to talk to their friends without needing to shout (when the headphones are off).

Other blog reviews of the launch event:

PROS: Quirky style decor, Jugs of cocktails available, The Dip menu seems reasonably priced, Silent Disco needs to be tried at least once
CONS: Individual cocktails are not available at bar
MUST TRY: The Dip menu on a revisit

Chefs Andrew Levins and Bianca Khalil with photobomb by Melissa Leong

The Dip service counter and kitchen

The Dip promo posters

Neon signage

Menu board

Mini cookies n cream: Salted caramel ice cream between two chocolate molasses cookies

Launch Party Menu

Sol beer sponsor

Punch jugs menu

Antonio Clifton Punch Jug: Campari, Gin & Cinzano Rosso served long with orange lemonade ($28, serves about 3 drinks)


Front bar

Help yourself to water at the bar

Nicely stocked bar

Bar feature lighting

Booth meets Mexican meets Flintstones seating

Bar seating and decor

Lighting features

The inspiration behind the name comes from Geelong band God http://www.myspace.com/godaustralia

Danceteria entrance at the back

Silent disco in action — so funny watching people without music



Hello my name is DJ Space Wizard. I am from Korea!

Headphones supplied by Silent Disco King

Men toilet signage and wall decor treatment

Cake of soap — perhaps not the most hygienic

Street entrance

The Dip
Dip @ Goodgod Small Club on Urbanspoon


joey@FoodiePop said...

Go the silent disco! LOL

thang @ noodlies said...

hum, it's all too modern for me.. silent disco included... but they must have spent a fortune on the fit out!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi joey, a very interesting experience for sure.

hi thang, actually i think they tried to save costs by doing a lot of the decorating and renovations themselves. they certainly created their own style.

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