30 April 2011

The Norfolk: Pub bistro with courtyard, Redfern (18 Mar 2011)

305 Cleveland Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Popular inner city watering hole

The Norfolk seems to advertise itself as wanting to be in Surry Hills but technically I believe it’s actually in Redfern according to Google Map. After what seems to have been some cosmetic renovations it’s now attracting a huge clientele of inner city devotees making it very popular and hence loud and crowded. I’m not sure if it’s due to the young attractive service girls at the front bar or the new tempting menu that seems reasonably priced. The leafy rear garden courtyard is a very sought after location to set up camp. Wine isn’t particularly cheap starting at $30 a bottle unless you go for the 500 ml carafes of house wine for $16 but the 2009 Tylers Stream Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NZ ($32) hits the quaffable spot. The Soft shell tacos ($20 for 4) look pretty good which I hope to try next time. For extra heat there’s Salsa Habanera sauces available for your free pouring.

The sizeable Chicken schnitzel with parmigiana ($18) comes with chips and is tasty enough to fill the stomach. The Chicken schnitzel with Napolitana ($18) is also simply presented and comes with a small side salad of lettuce that could do with some extra dressing. Spiced Norfolk fries ($7.50) are good and definitely more flavoursome than your stock standard fries. My Chicken caesar salad ($17) is fairly decent although missing some much loved anchovy for a salty hit. Lettuce is fresh and there’s plenty of dressing but possibly too much. Due to our meals taking so long to arrive because staff couldn’t find our clearly displayed order number on the table we received a complimentary bottle of Swinging Bridge Sauvignon Blanc from management to say sorry — much appreciated and something I wouldn’t have expected to find in such a pub.

Other visits to The Norfolk:
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18 Mar 2011 - Tacos, Schnitzel, Fries, Chicken Caesar

PROS: Reasonably priced meals, Interesting menu and d├ęcor, Garden courtyard at rear, Upstairs seating available, Affordable What’s On specials during the week
CONS: Can get very crowded and loud, Wine isn’t particularly cheap
MUST TRY: Tacos next time and more of the bar menu like the Deep-fried pickles with ranch dipping sauce which sounds pretty wicked and the Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert which comes with toasted brioche, caramelised banana, ice cream and dulce de lece

Beef soft shell taco: Beef short rib, queso fresco, scallions & lime, salsa mojo ($20 for 4)

Chicken soft shell taco: Chargrilled chicken thigh, red onion, guacamole, lettuce, chipotle mayo, cucumber ($20 for 4)

Salsa Habanera sauces

Chicken schnitzel with Napolitana ($18)

Chicken schnitzel with parmigiana ($18)

Spiced Norfolk fries ($7.50)

Chicken caesar salad with chicken tenderloins, bacon, croutons, parmesan, egg and caesar dressing ($17)

Soft shell tacos menu

Bar snacks menu

House sparkling and schooner of beer

Gin & Tonic — pretty small glass

2009 Tylers Stream Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough NZ ($32)

Complimentary Swinging Bridge Sauvignon Blanc because meals were misplaced

Front bar

Middle bar

Upstairs seating and wall of chalk graffiti

Garden courtyard

Weekly What's On specials

Suggestive magazine cut outs as wall decor


Miss Piggy said...

I really like the sound of the menu here, esp the tacos and the pickles. It's on my list for sure!

Simon Leong said...

hi misspiggy, it certainly is a very tempting menu. it's got a real comfort food sound to it all. hope to hear all about it if you go. i want to know what's good to order.

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