09 May 2011

Jamie's Italian: Sydney opening scheduled for August 2011 (9 May 2011)

107 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Very much anticipated

We're due to open in August 2011 and we'll soon be looking for experienced, volume savvy team members who are passionate about food and great service to bring the restaurant to life!

Taking over where Industrie closed looks set for a Jamie's Italian restaurant which I'm sure will be hugely popular once it opens. I wonder if Jamie will visit Sydney to officially open it himself — I hope so. Would love to meet him one day as I have a lot of respect for his philosophy of cooking and he seems like a really nice guy too. My brother is currently fascinated by the 30 minute meal recipes. He attempted the Piri Piri Chicken last night and worked extremely fast at trying to make it in 30 minutes but ended up taking 46 minutes. But it ended up being a very nice meal and the portuguese tarts worked a treat.

Other visits to Jamie's Italian:
24 Oct 2011 - Spanner Crab Bruschetta, Spaghetti Bolognese, Tiramisu, Affogato
21 Oct 2011 - Set to officially open Monday 24 Oct
9 May 2011 - Opening soon construction site


Joseph - Up For A Feed said...

This should be good when it opens. I liked the open two level layout of Industrie, exciting space for a restaurant...

Richard Elliot said...

I've read good reviews of the Jamie's Italian restaurants in the UK so I'd be interested to try place when it opens here.

I was lucky enough to have dinner once and also do a little bit of work experience with Jamie Oliver many years ago. He was a open, honest and totally genuine person. I'm a big fan.

Chanel said...

I'm pretty excited for this. Jamie Oliver is my favourite chef, I love his style of cooking.

Jasmin said...

I had no idea it was coming, I think I'm wary - a little bit excited but I won't be holding out too much hope. I've heard that the restaurants have gone downhill since the Revolutions started and it's easy enough to see why.

I think perhaps the man might be spreading himself too thin.

susan said...

Oh I can't wait! I love Jamie. Have been cooking from his Dinners recipe book lately and it's great.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi joseph, can't wait to try it.

hi richard, that's great you got to meet him before and that he sounds as nice as he appears on tv.

hi chanel, he certainly has a big fan club

hi jasmin, not sure what the Revolutions is? but i guess you can't spread yourself too thin otherwise you can loose focus and quality

hi susan, my brother has been cooking his 30 mins meals and they're really yummy :-)

recipe for success said...

hey, I get what you mean, but I was there at the opening on saturday..it was pretty good...you can read my review on culinary camel dot com.

Simon Leong said...

hi recipe for success, glad you had a good experience :-)

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