06 July 2011

La Bodeguita Del Medio: Cuban Restaurant & Bar, CBD Sydney (16 June 2011)

125 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Home of the Mojito

I’ve never been to Havana or Cuba for that matter but after a few Havana Club cocktails at this lively bar it won’t take much more imagination to feel like you’re actually there in spirit. Their signature cocktail is probably the Mojito ($10) which combines Havana Club Rum, Fresh Mint & Lime, Soda & Sugar. They don’t seem to skimp on the alcohol with the double pouring but the sugar definitely helps hide the lethalness. If you order the Daiquiri #3 Hemingway Special cocktail ($15) you’re apparently allowed to ask the bartender to dance. I was the first to request such a thing and my bartender willingly obliged. It’s quite a nice combination of Havana Club Rum with Fresh Lime, Grapefruit and Maraschino Liqueur but quickly gone with so much ice in the glass.

The Mai Tai ($15) seems a bit stronger although also comes with a lot of ice as well. A combination of Jamaican Rum with Orange liqueur, Lime & Almond syrup seems to work well together. Once you’ve had a few mojitos you’ll probably be, or think you are, ready for the Cuban President ($15) which is basically all alcohol. How can you go wrong with White Cuban Rum mixed with Vermouth & Cointreau. It might be wise at this stage to write a note for the taxi driver to explain where you live before going any further. For those who love their cigars you might want to ask to see the cigar room. Only the size of a small cupboard but displays an impressive range under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. For those with graffiti tendencies your writing is encouraged on the walls just like Name This Bar first did when opened. Next time I’ll have to try the cuban food before getting side tracked with the enticing cocktail menu.

PROS: Lively atmosphere, Interesting and cosy décor, Friendly bar staff, Live entertainment, For lovers of rum, Extensive range of cigars available if that’s your thing, Open fairly late, You can write on the designated walls
CONS: You might have trouble stopping at one mojito, There's a fair amount of ice left in the glass for some cocktails
MUST TRY: Other cocktails on the menu and the food next time
WORTH TRYING: Mojito for easy drinking or the Cuban President if you like it strong and lethal

Mojito: Havana Club Rum, Fresh Mint & Lime, Soda & Sugar ($10)

Making the Daiquiri #3 Hemingway Special cocktail ($15) — menu says 'If you want your bartender to dance whilst they make your drink please just let them know', so I did.

Daiquiri #3 Hemingway Special cocktail: Havana Club Rum with Fresh Lime, Grapefruit and Maraschino Liqueur ($15)

Mai Tai: Jamaican Rum with Orange liqueur, Lime & Almond syrup ($15)

Cuban President: White Cuban Rum mixed with Vermouth & Cointreau ($15)

In order of price range (left to right)

Shelves of rum

Drinks menu including designated driver drinks

Anyone for beer?

Beer menu

When in Cuba one must have Havana Club

Bar and seating

Secret cigar room — if you're interested just ask to see it as they apparently can't advertise it

Boxes of cigars

Comprehensive cigar menu

Call the Quitline

Temperature controlled cigar room

Ernest Hemingway apparently loved his mojitos

Apparently a very famous sign to have your photo with

Private rum lockers available

Downstairs bar and stage for live entertainment

Look out for my blog tag

Unisex toilets are nice

Cuban images

Outside opposite the QVB building

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Unknown said...

some of your best work right here, Simon. :)

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, for us Latinos cocktails in Australia are too weak. Can't believe you didn't try the food, you must go back, it's awesome!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

LOVE the dancing barman! I'll have two of those thanks! :D

sugarpuffi said...

love how u tagged ur blog everywhere XD

YaYa said...

ohh I passed by this the other night after shopping at Abbey's Bookshop and wondered what it was like inside, it looks great. Can't wait till you review the food menu!

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