09 July 2011

My home cocktail bar is now reorganised (9 July 2011)

Cocktail bar on standby

As a big fan of making and drinking cocktails I've managed to collect a vast amount of different spirits and liqueurs over the years. I'm no stranger to the duty-free shopping which scores you the big one litre bottles and being a G&T kind of guy I received the occasional bottles of gin for my birthday. It's got to the point where I simply can't fit anymore in the cupboard so a friends BBQ event tonight and perhaps another friends birthday tomorrow will be a great opportunity for me to share a few to make more space. A bottle of Plymouth Gin, Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tanqeray Gin are kept in the freezer for emergencies when G&T friends pop over. One may quite rightly get the wrong impression of me with all this alcohol at my finger tips but I've never drunk alone at home, and don't intend to, and only drink during social occasions with other people — I promise.

A few opened bottles to bring along to a friends BBQ tonight to share

Plymouth, Bombay Sapphire and Tanqeray Gin kept chilled in the freezer


Richard Elliot said...
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Richard Elliot said...

You might not have a drinking at home alone problem, but I detect and ice cream fetish!!

Hungry Female said...

Ooh I see a Hendricks bottle on the shelf too. Do you get Sipsmith Gin in Oz? Another good one with cucumber.

JasmyneTea said...

I think I have just as many bottles, but I use them for cooking. People definitely get the wrong impression! I get heaps of those little souvenir bottles from friends who go overseas, too.

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