05 August 2011

Extreme Cabaret launch: Prohibition-style cocktails mixed with Burlesque and Cabaret performances, Sydney (28 July 2011)

Level 4, 488 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Friday nights till late Spring at Zeta Bar

One way to spice up your Fridays

“See burlesque performers and extreme cabaret acts with a touch of devilish debauchery, much oddity and a guaranteed excess of dark humour and shock value. Zeta Extreme Cabaret is a delicious celebration of the bizarre, served with side of lunacy and luxe-Zeta Style and well lubricated with prohibition-style cocktails, mystifying molecular cocktails and delectable nibbles.”

Thanks to Lorna O’Neill from Hilton Sydney for inviting me along to the launch of Extreme Cabaret. The Zeta Bar was colourfully transformed and decorated with matching party lighting and music to create a very fun atmosphere. If you don’t mind drinking nitro smoking cocktails out of a brown paper bag, shooting your mouth with absinthe from a syringe and popping a pill of sherbet at the same time then this might be your kind of event. I found myself in front of a bit of burlesque skin exposure, fire breathing juggling and a dwarf that energetically performed to Lady Gaga — or was that just the absinthe working on my mind? It’s a little bizarre and certainly different to what you’d find at your local pub. Entry is free and includes the entertainment which is a pretty sweet deal in my books when you consider people pay good money to see performances like this. I now know where I’ll want to be every Friday with a prohibition-style cocktail in one hand and a delectable nibble in the other.

PROS: Fantastic atmosphere and ambience, Free entry and entertainment, It's on a Friday so relax and party hard
CONS: Cocktails may give you a serious hangover, Not sure how much the cocktails are
MUST TRY: All the cocktails

Something a little risque from Scarlett Night

Lady Gaga dwarfing around

Playing with fire

Bend and stretch

Something sexy by Scarlett Night

Cocktails and canapes

Fun loving people

Photographers in action

Decor and lighting

A few touchups available in the toilets — don't forget to tip!

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Veronica Weatherby said...

Woah! This looks like a wild weekend treat that I would truly enjoy! Definitely checking this out! Those pills and syringes looks like something illegal is going on but I'm sure everyone is just having good ol' fun! The place feels like a never ending parade of talent and entertainment.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Some great pics SImon!

JasmyneTea said...

Oooh, I love absinthe, I love burlesque and cabaret, what an awesome night!

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