25 August 2011

Mad Pizza é Bar: Italian, Surry Hills (26 May 2011)

241 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

MAD about superthin pizza

Advertising themselves as making superthin pizzas these bases might possibly be the thinnest in Sydney. Some might even think they're too thin but I guess it allows you to really taste the toppings combined with keeping those carbs to a minimum. House white wine ($7) and red wine ($7) seems reasonably priced and quaffable enough to have with pizzas and pasta. The Olive Marinto ($8) is a flavoursome bowl of green sicilian and ligurian olives marinated in herbs, chilli and garlic. The Garlic & herb bread ($6) is quite different to your usual fare and worth trying. The Bruschetta di pomodoro ($12) is quite decently sized although not the easiest thing to eat with grace. The Gamberi d' aglio ($14) is sauteed king prawns with garlic, fresh herbs and double cream with italian bread. It had quite nice flavours although more bread would have been appreciated to soak up the sauce.

For those who aren't opposed to having pineapple on their pizza you might be inclined to try the O Tropo pizza ($19.50, 13 inch) which also comes with grilled chicken and crisp bacon. The spicy pirri pirri sauce gives some welcomed warmth and the pizza base is nice and thin. The Tibia pizza ($19.20, 13 inch) of shredded lamb shank is less liked for the table due to maybe being a bit heavy handed on the spices and personally I'm not a huge fan of rocket on pizzas. If you visit during lunch time the prices are even cheaper. I like the cosy decor of the restaurant although table space comes at a premium once the dishes come out. I started to feel a bit awkward and squashed in — no space for elbows on tables at this place.

PROS: Cosy decor and atmosphere, Plenty of seating, Superthin pizza bases if that tickles your fancy, Friendly service
CONS: No table service and need to order at the bar, Limited table space, Seating can get a little uncomfortable for extended periods
MUST TRY: Other dishes on the menu including the pasta next time
THE DAMAGE: $108.70 for 4 people

House white wine ($7), House red wine ($7)

Olive Marinto - Bowl of big fat green sicilian and ligurian olives marinated in herbs, chilli and garlic ($8)

Garlic & herb bread ($6)

Bruschetta di pomodoro - Tomato & buffalo mozzarella bruschetta with balsamic dressing ($12)

Gamberi d' aglio - Sauteed king prawns with garlic, fresh herbs and double cream with italian bread ($14)

O Tropo pizza - Grilled chicken, crisp bacon, pineapple chunks and red onion with spicy pirri pirri sauce ($19.50, 13 inch)

Pretty thin pizza base

Tibia pizza - Shredded lamb shank, grilled eggplant, red onion and rocket leaves with yoghurt dressing ($19.20, 13 inch)

Pizza menu

Pasta menu

Something sweet menu

Menu cover and love heart seating

Bar area


Back room seating

Superthin and healthy slogan

Limited table space for plates

Some cheeky postcards — literally ;-)

DJ in the house — snake lights too!

Pretty basic toilet signs — perhaps something a little more clever and fun would be nice to suit the restaurant decor

Words of wisdom

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Dumpling Girl said...

This place looks so invitingly rustic. The garlic bread looks really good.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the bruschetta seems too overloaded to be eaten gracefully. Fortunately the pizza toppings are on the light side, which is good with thin bases.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Pretty thin... thinner than Bondi Pizza...?

MissPiggy said...

I love thin crust - the thinner the better - and really enjoyed the pizza I had at their Darlinghurst (Victoria Rd) branch.

Simon Leong said...

hi dumpling girl, i like how it's quite homely in decor. a very relaxed atmosphere.

hi lateraleating, my preference these days is thin bases. less carbs and more flavour from the topping.

hi tina, possibly thinner from memory.

hi misspiggy, thin pizza bases are a win for me. i feel less bloated after.

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