14 October 2011

Gelato Bar Bondi: Strudel, Cakes and Gelato, Westfield Bondi Junction (1 Oct 2011)

Level 6, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Strudel pastry with crunch

After a bit of a disappointing strudel pastry from Strudel Baron I was determined to revisit the Gelato Bar in Bondi Beach. To make things closer to home I discovered the same strudels being sold in Westfield Bondi Junction at Gelato Bar Bondi. Apparently the shop here is owned by the original owners of the Gelato Bar and both places get their strudels and cakes from the same bakery which I believe is located somewhere in Bondi. The Cheese Cherry Strudel ($5.80) had good flavour and the crunchy caramelised pastry I favourably remembered from my childhood for many years. The Apple Strudel ($5.50) filling wasn't as good as hoped but the Chocolate Hazelnut Strudel ($5.50) was definitely worth trying. Nice balance of chocolate and hazelnut flavours and the signature crunchy pastry. Slices may look small but are quite filling so you could easily share one between two.

PROS: Good strudel, Plenty of cakes choices, Handy location in Westfield with free parking
CONS: The pastry is super crunchy so particularly messy when cutting, Possibly rich in sugar but I guess that's what makes it tastes so good
MUST TRY: Cheese Cherry Strudel

Cheese Cherry Strudel ($5.80)

Chocolate Hazelnut Strudel ($5.50)

Apple Strudel ($5.50)

Cake display

Gelato bar

Service counter and display

Located on Level 6 opposite Max Brenner and near Bondi Pizza

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I didn't even notice this when walking past yesterday. Thanks Simon!

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, i think it's one of the places which is very easily overlooked in the big Westfield shopping centre.

Anonymous said...

dear simon, please help me out. i am making a surprise for New Year and have to make the chocolate hazelnut strudel from bondi. where could i get the recipe?? or is it possible to buy strudel anywhere else than Australia? online? europe?
the thing is i am from Europe-Slovenia. me and my boyfriend spend a month in Australia 3 years ago and did the biggest mistake ever- we have tasted the chocolate strudel. 3 years later still dreaming about it. and you know i can get Lindt chocolate whenever i want... nad italian icecream... just to clear the picture:)
please help me out here. thanks.

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, i'm not sure how you'd get the chocolate hazelnut strudel recipe from bondi because it's probably a secret but perhaps some of the baking food blogs around might have a good one to share?

Anonymous said...

uau thank u 4 such a fast replay. yea i know it is probably a well hidden secret...i was hoping u have some inside info:). i could not find anything like this on web. maybe somebody reading this blog will post sth.. fingers crossed:). thanks anyway. lets hope they will open a franchise in europe one day:).

Anonymous said...

I have been going to this place, when it was at the Beach, for 50 years. In those days, it was one of the few places to go for a European/east European meal.This an Balkan, before it became trendy. The strudel is amazing, huge pieces and I used to drive over the bridge to get some, but then it disappeared..but now I know where it is. I don't think you will get the recipe. You need to find a Hungarian/ Czech etc who is prepared to give you the recipe, but with Internet, you probably can find it. Look, it's so reasonably priced, the pieces are HUGE, that its not worth making it. Shame it moved though. You needed a walk along the beach after eating here.

Anonymous said...

...I forgot to say...they make their own Strudel at the Gelato bar, the original one...well, they use to.

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