03 July 2012

Taste Test: Cheezels vs Toobs, flavoured snacks (3 July 2012)

Battle of the edible finger rings

I have fond memories of Cheezels and Toobs when I was a kid. I believe Cheezels came out first and when Toobs were released they soon became my next best thing at the time. I remember being able to easily fit Cheezels on my fingers but these days it's not as easy. When people eat them at parties I always hear them say they must be making the Cheezels smaller but I think everyone forgets their hands have grown bigger now — although perhaps they are produced smaller these days? The Toobs also seemed to be smaller than what I remember. I always thought they were a bit longer and larger. Both products are highly processed but still bring a smile to my face when served even though I know they're not good for me. The smell of the Cheezels was very cheesy although borders slightly on the aroma of bad foot odour. Toobs were more subtle in smell with hints of paprika spice being noticeable. Both had a good crunch factor and the Cheezels were on average larger in size than the Toobs. Overall they're generally about the same price but based on nutrition information Toobs seems to be a healthier choice if you take fat content into consideration although I think in the end I prefer the taste of the Cheezels. I noticed on the packaging products like this do not include the word 'food' but use 'snack' instead.

$1.90 110g (bought at Woolworths)
Fat 31.1%
Sugar 4.3%
Salt 1.2%
Dietary fibre 0.9%
Made in Australia
Description: Cheese flavoured snack
Packaging colour: Blue, yellow and red
Quote: Made with the goodness of real cheese

$1.99 125g (bought at Woolworths)
Fat 18.8%
Sugar 3.6%
Salt 1.6%
Dietary fibre 1.8%
Made in Australia
Description: Flavoured snack
Packaging colour: Blue, yellow and red
Quote: The tasty, saucy bite size snack

PROS: A tasty snack that brings back fun childhood memories, Made in Australia
CONS: Highly processed, High in fat, Artificial flavouring
MUST TRY: Not buying them but sometimes you just get those cravings for childhood junk food
If size matters the Cheezels win

Cheezels ($1.90, 110g)

Very cheesy smell and taste

Cheezels finger test — just passed

Born in 1971 — same year as me!

31.1% fat

Made in Australia

Toobs ($1.99, 125g)

Paprika scent and flavour

Finger test — thumb failed

Back by popular demand — sometimes it's hard to get rid of a classic favourite for many

18.8% fat

Made in Australia


Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Oh wow, such childhood memories. Where are the Burger Rings!!! ;)

Kerancia said...

This brings back fond memories. I'm going to get myself a packet of Cheezels today.

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

I don't know if its me and my taste buds but I just dont thing the Toobs tastes the same as what they did when they were first out..... hmmm

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, i was actually tempted to get the burger rings as well which were positioned on the shelves between these two. originally i was looking for cheezels and the home brand of them but they don't seem to exist anymore?

hi kerancia, enjoy!

hi tina, i think you might be right. they seem a bit different to me too but perhaps my taste buds have changed over the years?

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