05 October 2011

'How To Peel Garlic in Less Than Ten Seconds' by shaking the dickens out of it (5 Oct 2011)

Crazy simple and yet it works

I can't quite remember how I first came across this video in the last week but possibly as Fig & Cherry mentions in her post it might have been a tweet I saw by Fouad Kassab from The Food Blog [Correction: I now know it was via Geoff Kim, thanks mate]. Tonight I needed to peel some garlic for a pasta dish and thought I'd try this simple yet crazy sounding idea. Thinking to myself it definitely won't work and it was just some funny internet scam to make people look silly I put three old cloves of garlic, slightly pushed and battered, in between two small stainless steel bowls (smaller than what you see in the video) and 'shook the dickens out of it'. To my amazement all three cloves of garlic came out cleanly peeled. I couldn't believe it and I still don't actually know how it all works. I felt like an idiot shaking them up but I love the simplicity of the technique, especially if you had a lot of garlic cloves to peel. I wonder if it works for all types of garlic, I'm assuming so. Now if I could just apply the same simply technique to peel an orange, potato, carrot or even a pineapple that would be pretty darn special as well.

Other handy kitchen techniques discovered:
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5 Oct 2011 - How to peel garlic in less than ten seconds

Bad screen shot of Todd with his eyes half-closed — sorry!

Garlic before shaking

Garlic after shaking — jaw drops, OMG! WTF! Bullsh*t! etc etc


Detective Chow said...

I have to try this!

Anonymous said...

It's real. And it works. (psst, you probably saw it on my fbk - http://on.fb.me/qTKbwj)

geoff said...

It's real. And it works. (psst, you probably saw it on my fbk - http://on.fb.me/qTKbwj)

Simon Leong said...

hi detective chow, try, be amazed and go forth and spread the word.

hi geoff, of course. you're right. thanks for letting me know. i should have known. i always learn all the cool stuff from you mate :-)

rachel kara said...

I love how something so simple can leave you dumbfounded. Genius!

Simon Leong said...

hi rachel, i guess being so simple makes it so unbelievable :-)

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