03 January 2012

Zoolander NYE 2011 Party celebrated with Maker's Mark Cocktails, Hendrick's Gin & Jelly Shots, Sydney (31 Dec 2011)

Favourite cocktail of 2011

Armed with a bottle of Maker's Mark I was keen to try my hand at making the Samuels Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice punch I really enjoyed at the Rochefort Christmas Party. The ingredients are simple and with a little bit of preparation time to make the Spiced Port Syrup it turned out really well and was my favourite cocktail of 2011. I also tried my hand at making the White Summer Sangria which was equally as enjoyable and lethal plus the added bonus of being even easier to prepare. My brother had a Zoolander costume party so I came as the Zoolander coal miner character. I made a helmut out of a plastic colander keeping in mind I could then reuse it after in the kitchen. We had a specialist friend in the art of making 280 jelly shots which went down a treat and Hendrick's Gin was the preferred G&T of the night. After all the different drinks I tried including Duperrey Brut champagne at midnight and a nightcap of Golden Grape Estate Old Liqueur Muscat I was fearing a bad hangover. Walking a little side-to-side back home was not particularly reassuring as well but I'd kept a sample bottle of the IVY Anti-Hangover shot and took it as my last drink. When morning dawned I thankfully didn't have a hangover so I'm not sure if it was due to the IVY Anti-Hangover shot or that my metabolism saved me in the end — either way it was happy days. I hope everyone had a fun-filled NYE as well and all their foodies dreams will come true for the new year.

Samuels Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice
Samuels Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Ingredients to make Samuels Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Samuels Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice
By Jared Plummer

1.75L Maker's Mark
300mls Lemon Juice
3L Ginger Beer
300mls Spicer Port Syrup*
3 Oranges - Sliced in thin wheel for garnish
5kg bag of ice

*Spiced Port Syrup
Peel of 6 lemons and 6 oranges
1 kg Castor Sugar
6 cracked cardamon pods, 1 cracked whole nutmeg, 6 colves, 6 star anise, 4 cinnamon quills
700mls Port (Your preferred choice)

Combine citrus peel, sugar & spices in an airtight container for 24 hours, shaking a few times throughout. Add the Port and leave for a further 12 hours, stirring well.
Strain the finished compounded syrup through cheese cloth, bottle and refrigerate.
Service – combine all the ingredients in a large punch bowl, stir well and serve.

Making of the Spiced Port Syrup

White Summer Sangria
White Summer Sangria

Ingredients to make White Summer Sangria

White Summer Sangria (1.5L)
By Jared Plummer

200mls Maker’s Mark
200mls White wine – Pinot Gris
400mls Cloudy apple juice
400mls Ginger beer
50mls Fresh lime juice
Method: In a 1.5L pitcher combine all of the ingredients with 2 cups of ice and stir well. Serve in long glasses filled with ice.
Garnish: Strawberries, lime wedges, apple slices.

Zoolander NYE Party
Me as the Zoolander coal miner character

Samuels Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

White Summer Sangria

Hendrick's Gin and tonic with fresh cucumber

Jelly shots — 280 in total ready to consume

Sydney Rock Oyster Wallis Lake bought from Sydney Fish Market

Zoolander decor

The Prime Minister of Malaysia in Zoolander

'R U Going' to what?

It's not a real party without party pies and sausage rolls

I love glow sticks

Lounge room dance floor

Glowing ice cubes — awesomeness in a glass.

Midnight champagne drinkies of Duperrey Brut

Midnight fireworks over Sydney

Nightcap of Golden Grape Estate Old Liqueur Muscat

My sample bottle of IVY Anti-Hangover. After drinking quite a few drinks I took it as my last drink and I didn't have a headache the next morning so I was happy about that.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year Simon! It's funny you had a wintery drink and a summery drink at your party :) Oh, BTW, that message in the sky said "r u going to heaven", didn't bother to check the second part as soon as I realised it was one of those religious things.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

A proper cocktail party, nice! Happy New Year, Simon.

Simon Leong said...

hi lateraleating, it was a little strange but I was given both recipes so thought it would be good to try both. thanks for clarifying about the sky writing. i was wondering what it all meant.

hi tina, that's true. you can't really have a cocktail party without some serious cocktails and these ones had a kick to them.

Miss Kimbers said...

This is great! I laughed at your jelly shots and the fact that you made so many of them:) Commitment! Pies and sausage rolls...but where is the fairy bread? hehe

Simon Leong said...

hi miss kimbers, you can never had enough jelly shots i think although this time i think we had more than enough. fairy bread would have been a nice idea hehe

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

OMG why am I only catching up on this post now!! I love Zoolander. When I was working in travel and had an exceptionally bad day dealing with penny pinching backpackers, my fellow manager said to me, go rent Zoolander. Her next instructions to me were to get a bottle of wine and ring her when I got to the orange mocha frappacino section. I did, we laughed and it made a bad day go away. I now own the DVD and it is my go to feel good DVD.

Awesome NYE!

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, it's great when you go to a fancy dress party and people actually dress up :-)

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