26 November 2011

Rochefort Christmas Party celebrated with Maker's Mark Punch and Bambini Canapés, CBD Sydney (25 Nov 2011)

Shop C2, Ground Floor, St james Trust Building
185 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Hitting the Mark with a punch

Thanks to Charlotte Ferrand from Burson-Marsteller for inviting me to the Rochefort Christmas Party celebrated in style with bar style canapés from Bambini Wine Bar and Maker's Mark punch in plentiful supply (recipe below). Arriving as the most underdressed and casual figure in my Columbia 100% polyester camping top, t-shirt, jeans and waterproof GORE-TEX walking shoes I was definitely in need of some gentlemen's tailoring by Shane Rochefort. Nevertheless after a couple of very delicious Maker's Mark punch drinks mixed with ginger beer, orange, spices and port I soon was able to relax and discover the nice looking ties around the small shoulder-rubbing tailor shop. For a moment there I was reminded of Stitch Bar with all the measuring tapes, suits and tailoring mannequins along with a drink in my hand. I never knew this tailor shop existed which apparently has been operating since 2001. Shane seemed to be a very nice down-to-earth chap who mentioned there should be more people wearing fashionable flat caps like his — perhaps he's right?

Enter the bespoke collection of tailor-made clothing

Maker's Mark, Peroni beer and Ginger Beer for the punch

Maker's Mark punch — really good combination of flavours while still being able to appreciate the whisky flavours

Maker's Mark neat — although I've heard it goes well with ginger beer and orange

Grilled Chorizo & Saffron Potatoes ($15) — hearty and flavoursome

Hummus with Candied Orange ($11) — interesting with the candied orange which seems to work

Arancini balls with fish

Salt & Szechuan Pepper Calamari Lime Aioli ($18) — tasty and tender

Marinated grilled prawns — nicely flavoured although weren't fully deveined as I was hoping

Shane Rochefort (centre) sporting a flat cap

Maker's Mark branding ambassador Jared Plummer (centre)

Samuels Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice punch recipe

Guests enjoying the Christmas festivities

I think these are cufflinks but I'm not 100% sure — never had them before. They look like lollies, maybe they are?

Everything a fashionable man could ever need

Rochefort tie — nice colours

Buttons, measuring tapes and Dormeuil

Goodie bag of hip flask and mini bottle of Maker's Mark — NYE here I come!

Next door inside the Bambini Wine Bar — very popular and cosy

Outside Rochefort

I wonder if Matt Preston knows about this place?

Outside St James Trust Building

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Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Yes Simon they were cufflinks :) Good spotting as they do look a bit like lollies.

Richard Elliot said...

Looks like a good night, shame I couldn't make it.

I can't believe you've never seen the silk knott cufflinks before! ;-)

Vivian - vxdollface said...

haha my friend has a pair of those cufflinks in navy blue! can't say they're the most flattering style, a little flamboyant

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, i thought they might have been cufflinks. lucky i didn't try and eat them hehe

hi richard, i've never used them before but i suspected it was something like that

hi vivian, they do seem a little out there ;-)

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