27 March 2012

Ipoh on York: Malaysian, CBD Sydney (20, 26 Mar 2012)

LG, 89 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9299 0001

A quick taste of Malaysia

If you’ve had the sneaking suspicion that Ipoh on York had the same owners as Jimmy’s Recipe Malaysia in The Galeries you’d be half right. Apparently it’s owned by one of the brothers but I believe the businesses are run separately so there might be differences in the menu. For a start there’s no bain-marie yet service turnaround is still very efficient and my Seafood Laksa ($11.50) comes out at a frightening speed after I’ve ordered. Streamlined service like a mean lean laksa making machine. I liken the counter experience to visiting a McDonalds store but these guys seem faster and of course it’s Malaysian. The laksa broth has good depth of flavour and similar to my experience at their sister, or should I say brother restaurant, Jimmy’s. I’m suspecting it’s the same recipe. There’s a good choice of ingredients including a mussel, fishcake, squid, fish, fish ball, tofu and my much loved seafood extender that unravels like pappardelle.

On my second visit I try the Chicken laksa ($9.50) which had the same depth of flavour tipping towards a curry style laksa. Chicken was tender with fatty goodness similar to Malay-Chinese and service was very quick again leaving me little time to even put my wallet back in my pocket. My colleague ordered the Wonton laksa ($9.50) which took a little longer to prepare but still in timely fashion which had the same flavoursome broth but unfortunately the wontons were way too firm to the bite. I predicted we could have played a game of ping pong with them if only we had some paddles. I much prefer the silky and soft wontons at Yummy Cuisine — if they were like this then it would have been a much more enjoyable laksa. I’m not sure what the other dishes are like but the only dish I’ve enjoyed at Jimmy’s has been the laksa so I’m suspecting the same might be the case here unless they cook them differently. There’s plans for a dessert counter so I’m hoping they’ll do a good ice kacang and chendol in the near future.

PROS: Plenty of seating which seems to be kept clean, Quick and efficient service, Decent sized laksa serving, Toilet available, Air conditioned, I'm assuming you can book for large groups
CONS: Wontons were unfortunately too firm in the laksa, I'm suspecting laksa might be their only strength dish but happy to discover others
MUST TRY: Seafood and chicken laksa

Dishes served on clean tray mats with cutlery

Seafood Laksa ($11.50)

Chicken laksa ($9.50)

Wonton laksa ($9.50)

Wonton filling way too firm — I could have possibly played table tennis with them

Menu board

Plenty of seating

Potential dessert counter on the right to be confirmed — I hope they do a good Ais Kacang

Toilets available although I'm sure there's a better spot to keep their cleaning clothes — how about some orchids instead to brighten up the place

Some outside covered street seating


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Looks like the laksa is the way to go here.

SarahKate (Mi Casa-Su Casa) said...

That seafood laksa looks seriously tasty! I'll be swinging by there for a bowl full of that.

Eve said...

Looks decent but since I discover the instant laksa. I stopped eating laksa when I eat out.

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

I've had the chicken laksa here and it is to die for! I think it is much much better than Jimmy's! It's sooo much more tasty and has a lot more body to it. The chicken pieces melt in your mouth.. mmmm

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, definitely try the laksa first. after that it's open season to discover something else they do well.

hi sarah, let me know what you think if you get to try

hi eve, instant laksa? which brand are you buying for that?

hi tina, thanks for the feedback. good to know the laksa has been good for you too at Ipoh.

Eve said...

Simon its called PRima Laksa La Mian. Available at Thai lee or the Asian supermarket on George st. It's in a black packaging. If you like your laksa lemak ie thicker...use less than the recommended water amount. Add yr own ingredients and it can possibly feed 2! Its only about $3+

arp said...

chicken laksa probably my second fav place after chinese malaysian on hunter st. although i thought it could have a bit more chicken (or not so small pieces), some more egg noodles and some more sprouts. broth is excellent, nice depth of flavour and not too milky. i don't remember jimmy's being as good as here.

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