28 March 2012

Taste Testing: EasyWay Tea Indulgence, Fruit Pulp Party 2 Series, CBD Sydney (23 Feb 2012)

694 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Tropical fruits the easy way

Thanks to Nicholas Yap from EasyWay for inviting me to taste test the Fruit Pulp Party 2 flavours of passionfruit, mango and pineapple. This time I visited the George Street store near World Square which had some limited seating as opposed to the hole in the wall Wynyard store I’ve visited before. On first impressions the speakers on the counter had the sound turned up too loud for my liking which made it quite difficult to hear other people talking and thus creating a rather unpleasant and slightly stressful dine in experience. Being located on a main street of noisy passing traffic didn’t help for a calming atmosphere either. First drink provided to sample was the Passionfruit Black Tea which was quite liked and not too sweet which actually ended up being my favourite of the session. The piled high icy Pineapple Frappe with Pineapple Jelly Toppings was brain freeze material if you used the larger straw. I didn't really like the taste which just seemed a bit artificial somehow for me and was the least liked. The Pineapple Milk Tea was quite subtle on the pineapple flavour but the one that we ended up finishing off the most.

If you're a fan of EasyWay pearls then the Passionfruit Shakes with Pearls Toppings and Half Sugar might be the one for you. With only half sugar I found it still sweet enough for me. Pearls were soft and apparently they're freshly made about every 2 hours although I found the separation of liquid from the pearls at the bottom not particularly appetising to see. The Mango Milk Tea with Half Sugar was subtle in mango flavour so perhaps a bit more flavour would have been welcomed. The final tasting of Mango Green Tea with Aloe Vera Toppings and Half Sugar tasted quite tart to me so perhaps needed more sugar for my liking. I quite liked the texture of the aloe vera pieces. I learnt EasyWay use powdered milk so I'm assuming that's a costing factor over fresh milk. There was visible fruit pieces in these drinks but I'm wondering if some of the flavour has been lost in the processing because I did find the flavours a bit subtle.

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PROS: Lots of locations, Lots of menu choices, Affordable, Quick and easy
CONS: Very limited seating at this store, I thought the background music was too loud at the time of visit making it unpleasant to dine in
WORTH TRYING: Passionfruit Black Tea

Passionfruit Black Tea

Pineapple Frappe with Pineapple Jelly Toppings

Pineapple Milk Tea

Passionfruit Shakes with Pearls Toppings and Half Sugar

After a little while the Passionfruit Shakes with Pearls Toppings separates a bit which I don't think particularly looks good but perhaps it wouldn't last this long anyway

Mango Milk Tea with Half Sugar

Mango Green Tea with Aloe Vera Toppings and Half Sugar

Taste testing production line

Menu board

Service counter

Limited seating — doesn't look particularly comfortable so only for short stays

I thought these speakers on the counter were too close to the front seating making it difficult to hear each other talk — maybe it's so people don't sit


Anonymous said...

Hi, first time I ever went to the easy way this evening. Guess what I never felt as disgusted drinking an iced tea. The chap on the counter gave me a brown colored taste less water. Despite me requesting him not to put ice, he poured the flavor in cocktail shaker and shook the ice.

I also noticed him washing his hands over the same glass before he put the glass in the laminate machine.... This was the most awful experience I have had in many years...
Good luck to them spending millions to attract customers.

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, which store did you visit? i'm sure the company would love to follow up on your experience and find out more of the situation. which drink did you order as well?

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