20 March 2012

Glass Wine Bar: $20 Corporate Lunch menu including a Glass of Wine, CBD Sydney (3 Feb 2012)

Level 2, 488 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Luke's $20 meal deal for lunch

Thanks to Lorna O’Neill from the Hilton for inviting me to sample Luke Mangan’s Corporate Lunches available Monday to Friday, noon til 3 pm for $20 each which includes a glass of wine. If you consider a glass of wine will set you back at least $10 at Glass Wine Bar you’re getting your meal for only $10 or less which seems to be a bit of bargain, especially in such a nice dining area and cooked by a 1 hatted restaurant. I also thought while nearby Charlie & Co charge $18 (dine in) just for their wagyu burger without fries it’s a bit of a no brainer who’s got the better burger deal. The Wagyu burger ($20) was my favourite dish of the day which was juicy and came with BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese & French fries including a glass of wine. I’m a sucker for beetroot in my burgers so if they added this I’d give them an extra point. A pretty large pickle is supplied on the side although I’m a fan of having it in the burger. Wines available at the time were Longbend Pinot Gris ($10) or Luke Mangan Pinot Noir ($13) and for those favouring a beer it was Vale Ale ($8).

The Tempura Fish, fries and tartare sauce ($20) was nicely cooked with a thin cripy batter although I would have preferred a nice garden salad or coleslaw on the side instead of the pretty boring rocket leaves which seemed to be more of a garnish. The Luke Mangan Pie ($20) was a home-style chunky beef pie with mash potato and mushy peas. Nice pastry and I wondered if the peas had mint in it. If so I reckon a bit more would have gone down a treat for me. The Minute Steak, fries & bearnaise ($20) was cooked medium-rare as ordered. Meat was quite tender and decent quality leaving little gristle to compete with. I know it’s probably not traditional for such a dish but a small side salad would have been nice to balance the meal. For afters I tried their Affogato with Frangelico ($18) which was nicely presented with a decent amount of ice cream as hoped. Nice touch with the mini macaron on the side. I think there’s opportunity to add a few simple and reasonably priced desserts on the menu as well like a chocolate brownie with ice cream, meringue with seasonal fruit and whipped cream or panna cotta with berry coulis for those with a bit more time to enjoy their lunch.

PROS: Nice décor, Quality ingredients, Efficient and professional service, Reasonably priced meal when you consider it includes a glass of wine
CONS: Limited menu choices, Only available for a limited time, No desserts included on the menu, Toilet is located outside the restaurant with a little bit of a walk
MUST TRY: Wagyu burger, Affogato with Frangelico

Corporate Lunch menu ($20 including a glass of wine, beer or San Pellegrino water)

When spoilt for choice try one of everything

Longbend Pinot Gris ($10), Luke Mangan Pinot Noir ($13), Vale Ale ($8)

The Chef's Burger: Wagyu burger, BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese & French fries inc glass of wine ($20)

Tempura Fish, fries and tartare sauce inc glass of wine ($20)

Luke Magan Pie: A home-style chunky beef pie, mash potato and mushy peas inc glass of wine ($20)

Minute Steak, fries & bearnaise inc glass of wine ($20)

Affogato with Frangelico ($18)

Chef Luke Mangan in the kitchen

Glass Wine Bar dining with a view of QVB

Restaurant dining

For those with a bit more cash to burn

This scallop dish looks like something I'd love to try

Restaurant dining options when you have a bit more time and money

Very impressive wine selection

Glass branding and bread station

A bit of a walk to the toilets but the mens urinals have privacy screens which gets a tick in my book


Ramen Raff said...

My favourite burger in Sydney at the moment! Good value too!

SarahKate said...

That steak is so perfectly cooked. Making me hungry just looking at it...

Simon Leong said...

hi ramen, have you tried the Rockpool wagyu burger yet? I haven't so if you're interested to check it out one lunch time let me know to compare.

hi sarah, was cooked just the way I like it.

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