06 March 2012

Encasa Deli: Spanish, CBD Sydney (24 Jan 2012)

135 Bathurst Street, Sydney NSW 2000

A slice of Madrid in the CBD

“Encasa Deli is the latest undertaking by the owners of Encasa Restaurant on Pitt Street, moving into Spanish groceries, deli smallgoods and sandwich lunches for office workers on the run.”

As a special treat for my birthday I was taken out for lunch by Madam Wu of Music Munchies Review — one of my favourite presents is being taken out to eat. I’ve been to the Encasa Restaurant many years ago which I remember as having reasonably priced set menus for large groups where no one left hungry. Encasa Deli seems to be a cosy lunch time spot where you can pick up a tasty bocadillo or some Spanish groceries for that matter. I remember surviving on my fair share of these sandwiches when travelling through Spain back in 2006. The Canario ($10) of roast pork leg, queso fresco, roast capsicum mojo and tomato has tender fatty meat that melts in your mouth. It’s quite tasty and filling enough to share. The Boquerones ($9) is my preferred sandwich of white anchovies, confit piquillo peppers and roast garlic aioli. It’s not too salty and its flavours work well together. The size of the sandwiches are quite filling due to the amount of bread used. If dining in I’d be happy with smaller pieces of bread just topped with ingredients like the pintxos from San Sebastián. The Marinated olives (around $5) were good and decently sized and the large serving of Papaya juice ($5) was refreshing but could be considered slightly watery. Hopefully they’ll have wine available by the glass in the future which would go so well with a platter of charcuterie. Seating is limited and next time I’d sit on the high stools as I found the hessian bags too low and uncomfortable — must be my old age setting in.

PROS: Tasty sandwiches which are reasonably priced, Lots of Spanish products available
CONS: Limited seating and low set hessian bags are quite uncomfortable, Wine not yet available
MUST TRY: Boquerones of white anchovies, confit piquillo peppers, roast garlic aioli; Revisiting to try other sandwiches

Marinated olives (Around $5) with goats feta and haloumi, paprika and walnuts I think

Canario: Roast pork leg, queso fresco, roast capsicum mojo, tomato ($10) — tasted better than it looks

Boquerones: White anchovies, confit piquillo peppers, roast garlic aioli ($9)

Fairly decent in size to fill you up

Papaya juice ($5) — if you thought it was big check out that body product

Bocadillos menu

Spanish dictionary

Drinks menu — would be good if prices were listed though

Seating at the back on hessian bags isn't particularly comfortable

Limited seating options

Counter display of lots of tempting choices

Lots of Spanish products

Fresh fruit pulp by Fruta available


Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

I reckon I'd be in here several times a week if this was closer to my work :(

Madam Wu said...

Totally agree that the Boquerones was 'the one'! Cute little spot.

sugarpuffi said...

ive walked past it a lot of times and never knew it had a mini supermarket in there!

Madeleine said...

if only the sign wasn't in comic sans...

Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Loving the look of produce for sale :)

penny aka jeroxie said...

Ok... lunch tomorrow!

Simon Leong said...

hi tina, definitely a place affordable enough to visit a few times a week

hi madam wu, hope to visit again to try other sandwiches

hi sugarpuffi, get yourself in there and check it out. weird and wonderful things you won't get at your normal supermarket

hi madeleine, hehe and brushscript and tekton it seems

hi sara, i wouldn't know how to cook with most of it but i'm sure those in the know will find it a good place to stock up

hi penny, let me know how you go

gaby @ lateraleating said...

Thanks for the photos of the stuff on the shelves. I'm certainly not going for a bocadillo any time soon but I might get some pantry goodies.

Simon Leong said...

hi gaby, hope you find some yummy ingredients to work with :-)

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