14 July 2012

Lindt Excellence Chocolate Appreciation Class at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney (11 July 2012)

Art Gallery Road, The Domain, Sydney NSW 2000

The dark side of Lindt

Thanks to Laura Trevini from Trish Nicol Agency for inviting me to a short and sweet Lindt Excellence Chocolate Appreciation Class at the Art Gallery of NSW. Guests sampled five flavours from the Lindt dark chocolate range starting from 70% Dark, then Strawberry Intense, Passionfruit Intense, Coconut Intense and ending on A Touch of Sea Salt. My favourite was the Coconut Intense which reminds me fondly of the Golden Rough and I also liked the 70% Dark. The Strawberry and Passionfruit are interesting flavours but I'm not sure if I could handle a lot of it all in one go as much as the others. I learnt there's around 32 flavours in the world of Lindt Excellence and Australia stocks 13 of them but I reckon there's always room for more. I asked whether they might create a Vegemite chocolate version which was understandably met with a bit of laughter although I'm sure Heston Blumenthal would be able to figure out how to make it work. Julia Taylor seemed to make it work in her MasterChef challenge of Vegemite and White Chocolate Macarons. I'm thinking other flavours that might work for the Australia market could be mango, banana and pineapple — hopefully one day they'll try and make them. I've met Thomas Schnetzler (Lindt Master Chocolatier) before at the Lindt Chocolate Creation Class and for any chocolate lover he's possibly got one of the best jobs in the world.

PROS: I like chocolate — especially dark chocolate, Interesting flavours worth trying at least once, Widely available in supermarkets
CONS: Chocolate isn't the healthiest thing to eat but who really cares
MUST TRY: Coconut Intense, 70% Dark
70% Dark Chocolate is about as bitter as I generally like it

5 tasting samples (left to right): 70% Dark, Strawberry Intense, Passionfruit Intense, Coconut Intense, A touch of Sea Salt
Thomas Schnetzler (Lindt Master Chocolatier)

Key milestones of chocolate
Feur de Sel from Britanny (left) used in Lindt Excellence A touch of Sea Salt, compared to normal table salt
A few decorative temptations

Goodie bag of assorted Lindt chocolates — should last me a little while if I'm good — but being good can be boring

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Nabeel said...

Everyone likes chocolates. Me too. Thanks for this chocolaty post. Best Indian Restaurants.

Simon Leong said...

hi nabeel, certainly hard to find anyone that doesn't like chocolate.

Miss Kimbers said...

32 flavours and we only have 13 of them? :( I wonder why they have not brought the rest over here. They should do a pack which contains a bit of each of the 32 flavours. I would be more than happy to taste test:)

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