06 July 2012

Edible Fashion Collection on display at Westfield Sydney (5 July 2012)

Level 4, Cnr Pitt St Mall and Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Twitter hashtag #ediblefashion

Fashion for your taste buds

If you're a lover of food and fashion then you'll probably enjoy spending a few minutes checking out this small display in Westfield Sydney from 5 July until 12 July 2012. It shows the creativity achieved when you combine fashion designers and chefs. It seems to be a great combination although I doubt that any of the designs are still technically edible but I'm happy to be proven wrong. At a pinch maybe the apricot and lavender meringue dress by Leona Edmiston could still be. I reckon for next time the challenge should be to create outfits that are 100% fully edible and making casts of the chef bodies in chocolate and using glue made from egg white for a start.

Check out more photos HERE
Check out more display information HERE

PROS: Free display, Interesting use of produce, 
CONS: Can't get close to read all the labels or walk around the back of the objects, Reflection on the glass makes it very hard to take nice photos, I doubt any of the fashion is edible now
MUST TRY: Finding out what happens to the pieces once the display finishes — perhaps they go on tour around to other Westfields?

Ginger & Smart meets Alessandro Pavoni (Spiedo Restaurant and Bar) with risoni pasta

M.J. Bale meets Justin North (Quarter Twenty One) with black peppercorns, nigella seeds and sea salt

Leona Edmiston meets David Tsirekas (Xanthi) with apricot and lavender meringue with sugar-coated edible flowers

Arthur Galan meets John Susman (Cloudy Bay Fish Co.) with Kinkawooka mussels, Cloudy Bay clam shells and nori-seaweed

One Teaspoon meets Amy Chanta (Chat Thai) with black sesame and pandan leaf

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Jim said...


thang@noodlies said...

I think I like it, I'm still getting my head around it, lol

Ashley said...

Wow. Just wow. A fun concept though!

Simon Leong said...

hi jim, bizarre in a good way i hope.

hi thang, something a bit different that hopefully will happen again.

hi ashley, a double wow — that's pretty good.

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