08 August 2012

Palomino Espresso: Café with homemade baked goods, CBD Sydney (31 May, 1 June 2012)

Shop 1, 61 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Mum's baked goods in the mix

A promising response tweet from Palomino Espresso in my search for a good savoury muffin that can match Tramezzini Espresso brings me in to this friendly down-to-earth café. The Spinach, Ricotta & Pumpkin Muffin ($4) had good flavour and was really nice when cut in half and toasted back at the office. The Plum and Apple Muffin ($4) had lots of chunks of fruit and flavour although made it quite soft and moist to pick up easily. If served warm on a plate with a sccop of ice cream would make a fine dessert. The owner provided a complimentary Strawberry Cupcake ($?) that also tempted me through the counter display. It had good flavour although the icing was a bit runny and it probably didn’t need the generous serving on top. The Lemon Meringue Pie ($4.50) had quite good flavour although watch out for the high set meringue touching your nose when eating. The Chocolate and nuts flourless cake ($7.50) had a nice depth of flavour with a surprisingly lighter than expected texture making it easier to eat more. On my second visit the next day the Reuben Sandwich with NY Rye ($8.50) was nicely made and perhaps just needed a good dollop of aioli or mayo with the lettuce to add more moisture and a pickle on side. I would have liked the meat to perhaps be sliced thinner as well — perhaps two thin slices rather than a thicker slice. My Cappuccino ($3.50) was quite good, fairly smooth with roasty flavour and minimal bitterness served in a small cup. The Chocolate brownie ($4.50 large slice) has cherries on bottom which make the taste less focused on chocolate. I’d love to see a version with macadamias like I've enjoyed at Bacco.

A third visit brings me back in search of an afternoon treat. The review by SMH Good Living has certainly helped to pick up trade and subsequently demand for their cakes which has left me slim pickings after lunch. The enticing Apple & Berry Crumble ($6.50) sitting on the counter looked too messy for take away but having it eat in was the best option to enjoy with some whipped cream. The ‘mum-sized’ slice was particularly generous and full of fruit with nice flavours. It probably didn’t really need the crumble base as it had just the right amount of crumble on top. My Hot Chocolate ($3.50) had good flavour throughout and certainly hit the spot for a sugar hit. Looks like it's best to visit early to have the best chance of the selection of homemade baked goods.

PROS: Friendly and efficient service, Nice cakes and baked goods, Decent coffee, Reasonably priced menu
CONS: Very small tables so limited table space to share, A bit of a mystery box what will be baked on the day
MUST TRY: Spinach, Ricotta & Pumpkin Muffin (toasted with butter), Apple & Berry Crumble, Coffee
VERDICT: For a quick bite to eat or decent coffee this small café has homemade baked treats to get you through an afternoon sugar low 
Spinach, Ricotta & Pumpkin Muffin ($4) 

Good amount of ingredients

Best enjoyed toasted with butter

Plum and Apple Muffin ($4)

Lots of fruit inside — bordering on a dessert to enjoy with ice cream

Strawberry Cupcake ($?) — kindly provided complimentary to try 

Good flavour but too much icing for me

Lemon Meringue Pie ($4.50)

Chocolate and nuts flourless cake ($7.50)

Chocolate brownie ($4.50 large slice)

Reuben Sandwich with NY Rye ($8.50)

Would have loved a good dollop of aioli or mayo with the lettuce and perhaps being served with a classic pickle on the side

Cappuccino ($3.50)

Eye spy with my little eye a horse in the coffee machine

Limited table space for a newspaper or magazine

Blu Tack and a pair of scissors does wonders for signage

Scrabble signage is cool

Revisited 8 August 2012

Hot chocolate ($3.50)

Apple & Berry Crumble ($6.50)

So filling it probably doesn't need the crumble base

Small tables means very limited table space, especially if you're sharing a table

New menu board much easier to read now

New window signage looks good

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sugarpuffi said...

the complimentary cupcake looks really good and the meringue tart so generous in topping

Simon Leong said...

hi sugarpuffi, if you check it out be sure to go early before cakes run out during the day :-)

Chanel said...

Too much icing?! No such thing! ;-)

I need to get here, so close to my work, and it all looks and sounds delicious!

Simon Leong said...

hi chanel, I gotta watch my weight ;-)

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