13 June 2013

Cornersmith: Cafe, Marrickville (26 May 2013)

314 Illawarra Road, Marrickville NSW 2204

Cafe gem for the locals

A friend's recommendation brings me to Cornersmith to try their Poached egg roll with free range salami, quince aioli, pickled fennel & brussel slaw ($12). I order takeaway as there's already an eager queue waiting outside to get a table and having baby onboard means little time to wait around. The roll has a great combination of tasty flavours and the egg is perfectly cooked. The bun is soft for easy eating and some mint provides a refreshing highlight. I basically ate this one in the car but it would have been more ideal to eat in the cafe with a plate so as to be less worried about the runny egg factor. To keep baby happy I order her a Babyccino ($3 takeaway) although I find out later it should have just been $1. I guess brain farts do happen and Cornersmith promise to make it up to baby next time. Service was friendly and efficient and the tempting menu definitely makes me want to come back to try more things.

PROS: Tempting and reasonably priced menu, Friendly and efficient staff, Promote local homegrown produce
CONS: Expect to wait for a table due to popularity
MUST TRY: Poached egg roll
VERDICT: A popular locals cafe promoting homegrown produce
Poached egg roll with free range salami, quince aioli, pickled fennel & brussel slaw ($12)
Babyccino (Charged $3 takeaway but later found out should have been only $1) 

Popular cafe with queues outside waiting for limited seating inside

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Anonymous said...

Funny, one day my boss came to the office and said "went to this cafe in Marrickville... it was good but very healthy, too healthy for me... you would like it". He was talking about Cornersmith, of course. Not cool that they overcharged you for the coffee.

Annie said...

i've gotta try the poached egg roll! i freaking love salami!

milkteaxx said...

i can here when it first opened and loved how fresh and simple everything was! a sit-down meal here is a must!

Simon Leong said...

hi lateraleating, i look forward to visiting again. menu sounds so good.

hi annie, i hope you love it

hi milkteaxx, hoping to have more time to get a seat next time

thang@noodlies.com said...

Nooo the hipsters' heaven...

mark said...

Marrickville really has some awesome eateries lying around when you take the time to walk the stressts onf Inner West Sydney. I really love finding out about all the new and latest ones that pop up!

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