15 November 2009

SIFF 2009 Night Noodle Markets: 2nd visit, Hyde Park, Sydney (19 Oct 2009)

The ever-popular Poffertjes

Poffertjes aren't Asian but they seem to always be popular at just about every market and festival where food is being served. There was a major production line in the kitchen to keep up with demand. They're probably one dish I've found where you know exactly what you'll be getting although I wish they actually served them with a fork rather than those annoying toothpicks which are close to useless in eating them. Another dish I think usually matches what you expect are the dumplings. Chinese Dim Sum King served up pretty standard yum cha style food including some pretty decent BBQ Pork Buns. As feared the bain-marie dishes of Phatboys Thai Chicken Honey and Beef Black Bean weren't particularly inspiring and so I'd probably just try and stick to the freshly steamed dumplings in future Night Noodle Markets.

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Poffertjes Please: 12 mini pancakes with maple syrup, chocolate topping, whipped cream and fresh strawberries $10

Poffertjes Please stall

Chinese Dim Sum King: 2 BBQ Pork Bun $5, 4 dumplings $6 for 4

Chinese Dim Sum King: BBQ Pork Bun $2.50

Chinese Dim Sum King stall

Phatboys Thai: Chicken Honey, Beef Black Bean with rice $10, 2 Vegetable Springs Rolls $5

Phatboy Thai Vegetable Spring Roll $2.50

Phatboys Thai stall


YaYa said...

Too true indeed, that and the ubiquitous gozleme stand! But sometimes, you just need a good dough and cheese hit or cream and baby pancakes - so I'm happy for them to share with the dumpling and noodle stands!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Yep Poffertjes and gozleme as Yaya mentioned seem to be at every markets! Although I have to say I love both stands.

Simon Leong said...

hi yaya, i always seem to be drawn to them too so i'm glad they're actually there in the end :-)

hi lorraine, too true. i reckon i prefer them to the asian stalls sometimes :-)

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