25 November 2009

Chippendale Food for the Future Fair 2009 (24 Oct 2009)

Kensington Street, Chippendale NSW 2008

Living and eating sustainably

I remember last years fair was set in the suburban streets of Chippendale where lots of herbs and vegetables were being grown on the sidewalk which gave the area a real community feel. This year they've set up stalls on the graffiti walled street of Kensington which I've never ventured down before. Even though food was the main agenda I didn't find much to inspire me which I haven't seen before although the Vertical Garden (pictured above) looked like a pretty cool idea. The highlight of the day was seeing Rocket Woman show off her home made water rockets — check out the video link below.

Rocket Woman

Vertical garden $30 including plants $20 without plants


Vertical Garden Guru said...

Love the vertical garden - good concept.

Vertical Garden Guru

Simon Leong said...

hi vertical garden guru, pretty cool idea indeed, hopefully it'll be popular for them :-)

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