15 November 2009

SIFF 2009 Sugar Hit: Sheraton on the Park, Sydney (13 Oct 2009)

The Gallery Tea Lounge, Ground Floor
161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Hits the sweet spot

It seems like ages since I went to my only Sydney International Food Festival Sugar Hit this year — actually it's been 33 days and in food blogging days that's like a lifetime. Not much use for those who want to try it now unless it's on their regular menu but I thought it was a pretty good one and more substantial and well put together than some past years sugar hits I've been to. I would have loved some more Chantilly Cream to go with the generous sized chocolate pudding though. I noticed a few other bloggers tried it as well like Eat Show and Tell, Here Comes The Food, Penguin Says Feed Me and Missklicious.

Warm Chocolate Pudding with Golden Almond Splinter, Honeycomb Ice Cream and Chantilly Cream $20 including a glass of Brown Brother’s Orange Muscat and Flora

Peppermint tea $7.50

Cappuccino $7

Extra glass of Brown Brother’s Orange Muscat and Flora $10


The bill


The Gallery Tea Lounge


Anonymous said...

Ooh lucky you! Looks like you got a gooey centre!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi FFichiban, the gooey centre is like dessert gold!

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