09 November 2009

In The Mood For Thai, Surry Hills (10 Oct 2009)

379 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

In The Mood For Decor

There seems to be a few of these stores franchised around Sydney which fall under the same owners of Thai Riffic and Chopsticks. Even though the decor is very enticing with it's ambient mood lighting and large wooden tables and seating it screams commercial Thai to me for Westerners — everything looks so clean and welcoming. Dishes are served on large plates and are a bit more expensive than your run of the mill Thai restaurants although I thought the entrees were quite reasonably priced. I don't think the overall authenticity can compare to Spice I Am and Chat Thai but these group of restaurants do serve a purpose and it's a pretty nice place for a group of friends to catchup were you won't feel so squashed in. The Marinated Lamb Cutlets were very tasty and the Grilled King Prawns were very large. The Homemade Fish Cakes still looked rather regular in shape but larger than your usual fish cake discs and fairly tasty. The Chicken Strips were quite succulent as advertised on the menu as well. The Thai service was friendly and helpful and dutifully filled our glasses of water throughout the night.

Fragrantly marinated chicken grilled on skewers $7.90 for 4

Tod Mun Pa: Homemade fish cakes served with sweet chili sauce $8.90 for 6

Crispy spring rolls served with plum sauce $7.90 for 6

Stir fried octopus with chili basil sauce $18.90

Vegetable green curry $15.90

Hoi Sin sauce with beef stir-fried wth bean, broccoli and garnished with crispy Enoki mushroom and fried onion $21.90

Talay Pao: Grilled king prawns and grilled marinated octopus served with stir-fried vegetables and spicy sauce $27.90

Succulent chicken strips marinated in Thai aromatic spices, grilled and served with sweet chili sauce and a sliced cucumber salad $18.90

Marinated lamb cutlets grilled and served in a spicy red curry sauce with creamy coconut milk $21.90

Pad Thai king prawns $24.90

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Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

Hehe! I was there on the same night! I get what you mean about the whole westernised Thai thing. I thought that it was a little bit pricey compared to my regular Thai eateries, but the food was not bad. I quite liked the vegetable green curry! How freaky that we were both there on the same night!!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi betty, wow that's freaky hehe. i think we must have been so busy taking photos of the food we didn't notice anyone else taking photos hehe. actually food was quite nice although you do pay more. vegetable curry was quite nice too which i had :-)

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