19 April 2010

Chef's Armoury: Free Wagyu Tasting Event, Rosebery (27 Mar 2010)

Shop 251, 747 Botany Road, Rosebery NSW 2018

The art of Japanese cooking

The last time I visited the Chef's Armoury to get my knifes sharpened I spotted a free Wagyu Tasting event promoted so I booked myself in. It was a good event where I learnt how to cook a simple Nikujaga dish which had a really nice broth flavour and was prepared all in about 30 minutes. The 20 or so participants also got to try some lovely waygu beef prepared 2 ways. One version had been quickly pan fried about an hour earlier and then wrapped in foil and placed in the fridge to cool. It was then brought back to room temperature and thinly sliced. It melted in your mouth and we were provided two dipping sauces of Sushi Soy Sauce and White Soy Sauce. The other version of wagyu was pan fried as well and served warm. I was able to appreciate the tender quality which wagyu is known for — I think grade 5 wagyu was used. The wasabi was made freshly on the spot from Yamahiro Wasabi powder and I tried the zesty Yuzu Kosho paste for the first time which was really interesting on the taste buds.

The next event is 'How to make Takoyaki' on the 15 May 2010 which is round savoury pancakes filled with Tako (octopus). Check out the website for more details.

Nikujaga recipe:
350 g thinly sliced beef
300 g potatoes
1 large carrot
1 onion
600 ml dashi
3 Tablespoons mirin
1 Tablespoon cooking sake
5 Tablespoons soy sauce

Lightly fry onion and beef, add stock and other ingredients to pan, Skim surface of any deposits. Drop lid into pan and simmer until meat and potato is tender. Serve with rice.

Other visits to Chef's Armoury:
19 June 2010 - Japanese Stocks and Soups
15 May 2010 - How to make Takoyaki (fried balls of octopus)
27 Mar 2010 - Wagyu Tasting
30 Jan 2010 - Professional Knife Sharpening Service

PROS: It's free, It's wagyu, You'll learn something new
CONS: Your $5 pub steak won't be the same
MUST TRY: Cooking Nikujaga at home

Cooking demonstration

Cooking the wagyu beef for Nikujaga

Slicing wagyu beef

Plating wagyu beef


Yuzu Kosho, Yamahiro Wasabi

Japanese Soy Sauce, Hinode Ryorishu: Japanese Cooking Seasoning, Hinode Mirin: Sweet

Sushi Soy Sauce, White Soy Sauce

Japanese stock

Rice Bran Oil

Yuzu Kosho

Frozen Darling Downs Wagyu

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