21 March 2018

New Wagyu Beef Burger at McDonald's (21 March 2018)

Loftus St & Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000

Aussie Wagyu Beef Burger

Tried the new Wagyu Beef Burger - 100% Australian-bred Wagyu beef patty, gourmet bun (apparently made to a new recipe), specially created sauce, crispy bacon strips, caramelised onion, tomato, lettuce, slice of Coon Cheese ($10.75) and added Small Fries ($2.15). Being a new burger creation I didn't have high expectations before ordering, and didn't give in to any media hype or PR glowing statements. From the description it didn't sound all that special anyway except for the mystery sauce. So in the end I didn't mind this version of the burger. The special sauce was my favourite part — still not quite sure what it was but found it tasty with a mild spicy note.

You obviously won't get a medium cooked patty in McDonald's but they did manage to retain some level of moisture in this patty when squeezed. The ingredients combo worked in the softish bun although the unmelted cheese would benefit from being more melted which you also won't get in a McDonald's — although decades ago the cheese used to be partially heated on a patty when it was still cooking on the grill before being taken off. Caramelised onions were nice. Structural integrity was OK but failed a little with the saucing and slippery tomatoes but generally a cleanish eat.

The big question is would I have again. Maybe. But my first choice has always been the Big Mac from Maccas and still is. It's not really a fail from McDonald's, but it's not different and interesting enough to warrant any hype factor about it. It's just another burger option on the menu. The only real negative about trying this burger was when a pigeon was looking for floor scraps inside the restaurant and around my feet. Circular Quay is notorious for the seagulls waiting outside ready to fly down on unsuspecting diners to grab their food too. I haven't been to this store since the renovation which is looking much better than before and it still seems to be a very popular Maccas as well with a constant stream of lunch time customers.

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