12 September 2018

Negroni time (12 Sept 2018)

Boozy Negroni O Clock

Love my negronis. First time we've bought Rosso Antico Aperitivo and now making negronis at home tastes so much better. I used to use a white vermouth I had but it just didn't taste the same as I had in restaurants and bars. I noticed Rosso Antico on a lot of cocktail menus so thought it was time to get some and only costs about $20. Happy place achieved. The 78 Degree gin was from the Mrs for Father's Day. Lovely gin. I do love my gins as either a gin and tonic, martini or in a negroni. Negroni is so easy to make. Equal 30 ml parts of each spirit with ice. Add a slice of orange/peel if you have some around.

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