06 December 2008

Home Cooking: Olive, tomato and mascarpone canapé (6 Dec 2008)

This is a canapé I prepared for my friends dinner party for 7. I marinated the sliced tomatoes overnight in olive oil, thyme and garlic then grilled for a few minutes before topping the olive base. I was inpsired by this Becassé Canapé although I couldn't work out how they fried the basil because it just burnt and lost colour when I tried so I used a fresh baby basil leaf instead.

Bécasse inspired canapé: Black olive with feta and cashew puree; with garlic, thyme infused cherry tomato, topped with mascarpone and baby basil leaf, Chef Leong :-)

1 comment:

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

I thought these looked familiar! Not sure why your basil leaves burnt, altho' I've never tried it. Perhaps they were left in a touch too long?

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