22 January 2009

Palace Chinese Restaurant: Yum Cha, Sydney (22 Jan 2009)

Shop 38 Level 1, Piccadilly Tower
133 - 145 Castlereagh Street Sydney 2000
I've enjoyed eating pretty much everything I've tried at this popular chinese restaurant during weekday yum cha. You can't book for yum cha so arrive by 12 noon to guarantee a table, as it seems to be full by 12.30 pm. I'm very fond of the scallop and prawn siu mai I tried today. I like to order the chinese broccoli as soon as I sit down because it can take a while and ordering a dish of salt and pepper squid at the same time is usually a good idea too.

Scallop and prawn siu mai

Chinese broccoli (kai-lan) with oyster sauce

Salt and pepper squid

Char Siu So [like BBQ Pork pies]

Chee cheung fun with prawn and chinese broccoli

Peking duck

Vegetable spring roll

Mango and cream pancakes

Dining area

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Miss Honey said...

Oh Simon such a good call - this is our current yum cha of choice:) Mmm mango pancakes:D My fave here is the dessert that comes from the big bowl - sago, lychee and mango with evaporated milk, don't know what it's called though... I also like that parking downstairs is so much cheaper when you eat there on the weekend lol.

shez said...

hey simon, the pork triangle pastries are called "char siu so". also, if you like a mango pancake, furama down on quay st makes them fantastically!

Simon Leong said...

hi miss honey, glad you like Palace for yum cha too

hi shez, thanks for the details and the tip about furama :-)

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