05 April 2009

Thanh Binh Vietnamese Restaurant, Cabramatta (5 April 2009)

52 John Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166

The Newtown sister restaurant has been one of my long standing favourites but visiting the Cabramatta restaurant of Thanh Binh has a more cheap and cheerful local atmosphere and provides a few more interesting dishes not found at the Newtown restaurant. The ingredients are garden fresh and seems to be a very popular place with the locals.

I've included a few Cabramatta food scenes of Pandan Waffles which I like and desserts available in the area. There's so many interesting food choices to entice you to try.

Fresh rice paper rolls with king prawn and sliced pork, mint, vermicilli, lettuce, bean sprouts (4 rolls) $10

Steamed fine rice vermicelli cakes with sugar cane prawn (2 pieces) $16

King prawns in the shell and spicy salt $17

Fried Vietnamese spings rolls (4 rolls) $10

Steamed rice pastry with minced pork filling, pork roll, Vietnamese muffins, bean sprouts and basil $12

Vietnamese Soya Bean drink $3

Fresh lemon and soda drink $4

Coconut juice $4

Pennywort juice $3

A mystery dining taking photos of her food. Another food blogger perhaps?

Dining area

Street front entrance

Cabramatta food scene: Pandan waffles

Cabramatta food scene: Cake desserts

Cabramatta food scene: Yummi Sweets desserts

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cupcake said...

ooo yummmm!!!! now i know where to get my vietnamese food fix ^^ newcastle lacks luster on this front most def - something I will trip out for next time i'm in sydney!

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

yum! i love cabra food :) there's so much to offer there. i only go there to eat :)
and that dessert place in BKK is awesome! nice photos!

marieeats said...

I love this place for the sugar cane prawns. The best one around for $16 you get your moneys worth. Its cheaper then the Newtown Thanh Binh its $22 there. Definitely better than its neighbour 'Bau Truong'which is $12 and its very small. I love the service too.

Linda said...

oh wow funny you did a post on food at cabra, we had such a great time eating there last sunday. Options are endless.

min said...

I really enjoyed visiting Cabramatta few weeks ago first time and Cabramatta is similar to San Francisco Chinatown very much; food vendors, restaurant and so on. Cabramatta is so much better than Sydney Chinatown where i disappointed last time in Australia. I would like to dine at Cabramatta restaurant next time in Australia!!

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