28 May 2009

QVB Gourmet Seafood: Fish & Chips, Sydney (28 May 2009)

Queen Victoria Building (QVB)
Lower Ground 1, 455 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(Located between QVB and Town Hall Station)

This little shop located in the very busy passageway between QVB and Town Hall Station has been a long standing favourite of mine when I get a craving for some cheap and tasty grilled fish for lunch. It always seems more moist and flavoursome than similar priced food court eateries around the city. For the meal deal of fish, chips and salad you get to choose which salad you want and I sometimes get the vegetables instead if they are looking freshly cooked. When the weather isn't so good for sitting outside in the park I find quiet refuge on one of the public benches located on Level 1 of the QVB usually near the grand piano.

Grilled fish, chips and salad $8

Peaceful getaway awaits on Level 1 above the flurry of shoppers below

Shopfront between QVB and Town Hall Station

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Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

The food looks really good! I've always walked straight past this place, but good to know they have some good food there!

Anonymous said...

Ate from there today, do so often. Fish,Chips and salad always fresh. Good turnover and busy so food is fresh, fish moist and well cooked, these guys have got it down pat. Service is good as well

Simon Leong said...

hi betty, it's one of my standard places i always keep in mind if i feel like decent grilled fish for lunch which doesn't cost too much.

hi mike, glad to hear they're still serving decent fish. they certainly have plenty of regular customers. sometimes they put a bit too much pepper on the fish but apart from that it's pretty good quality for a cheap and cheerful lunch takeaway :-)

Lloyd said...

looks yummy!

for seating outside, do you mean Hyde Park and/or is there other good outdoor places for seating?

Simon Leong said...

hi llyod, that's the one. i think Hyde Park would be the closest one. it's a little walk but worth it i think :-)

Anonymous said...

Often eating out here,food is great but very disappointed with that blonde's service (not the first time). Hoping next time that I'll not be served by her. Great blog btw...

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, hopefully you'll get a nice service person next time. Sometimes it's just luck of the draw but it should be like that.

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