03 November 2011

Lindt Chocolate Creation Class, Martin Place, Sydney (2 Nov 2011)

53 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Chocolate cravings fulfilled

Thanks to Sarah Entwistle of Entwistle Public Relations for inviting me as a guest to try the Lindt Chocolate Creation Class ($110 per person). The class is led by the very knowledgeable Lindt Maître Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler who takes everyone on a chocolate journey of discovery. We learnt how chocolate is made and how to appreciate the characteristics of what makes quality chocolate. There was plenty of samples to taste including the New Excellence Passion Fruit Intense chocolate which I enjoyed and it wasn't long before sugar overload was maxing out. This class was definitely for lovers of chocolate. Everyone got to make and decorate their own chocolate blocks as well as fill half a dozen premade macaron shells with their favourite fillings to take home. If you're intending on doing the class then I'd suggest having a light dinner beforehand otherwise chocolate will pretty much become your dinner for the night.

PROS: Chocolate lovers will very much enjoy, Fun and creative activities of customising your own block of chocolate and macarons to take home, Goodie bag at the end of the class, Education on how chocolate is made, Relaxed paced class which was enjoyable
CONS: Sugar overload inevitable, No savoury nibbles provided, Need to eat some dinner beforehand otherwise chocolate becomes your dinner
MUST TRY: The other Excellence Intense flavours one day

Lindt Maître Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler

Apron provided to protect your clothes

Mini chocolate milkshake starter — yum!

Milk chocolate ready for pouring

Moulding and customising your chocolate block

Toppings for customising your chocolate block

How cool does mine look :-) — can't wait to try.

The process of making chocolate from cacao beans

70% Dark Chocolate sample

Chocolate mousse sample

New Excellence Passion Fruit Intense chocolate

Milk chocolate sample — very smooth

White chocolate sample

Customising your macaron filling — take home pack of six

I made a raspberry version (left) and coconut version (right)

Friendly service staff helping out

Hazelnut Chocolate — like Nutella and just as delicious!

Ice cream samples — was a little frozen so hard to appreciate the flavours

Take how goodie bag
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Antony said...

The milk chocolat with the mousse inside, and the hazelnut chocolat were my favorite.
I'll be a rock star today at work because I've brought my goodies :)

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

I absolutely love lindt's ice chocolate/ice coffee. it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!

Simon Leong said...

hi antony, hazelnut chocolate was so good.

hi tina, sounds like a need to try a full one next time :-)

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