03 August 2009

Homemade Tacos: Old El Paso Style (1 August 2009)

Loving the Taco Crunch!

So do you like your tacos soft or hard?

I haven't bought the good Old El Paso taco kit for a while and noticed you can now get the combination of soft and hard tacos. I never feel guilty making these because you pretty much add your own healthy ingredients besides the taco sauce they supply and I reckon it's a pretty healthy meal. The soft tacos are a lot easier to eat but I still prefer the crunch of the hard taco, even though you end up spilling your toppings on the plate when it all falls apart on you. I like how they have the flat edge now so you can stand them up when you filling them. Remember the original curved design taco — how frustrating were those!

Hard taco with fillings

Soft taco with fillings

Minced beef with onion and spices

Homemade guacamole

The toppings station


chocolatesuze said...

i looooove tacos! so simple to make and i feel relatively healthy eating them! altho the amount of cheese i put on mine prolly makes them not so healty...

Betty said...

i'm so with you. i love the crunch of the hard tacos, but the soft ones are so much easier to eat!

Trissa said...

That's it - I' having tacos for dinner tomorrow! Great pics! :)

Linda said...

Last night, my brother actually requested that I make Tacos for dinner on Friday. I actually like the Old el Paso kit, it just makes the cooking process much much easier, and takes no more than half an hour to whip up.

Shanks said...

I love mixture of flavours in tacos. Totally agree with your taco preference. If I make a mess I end up crushing the tacos and eating if off the plate with a fork :)

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