22 August 2009

Beach Palace Hotel: Wednesday $2 Steak, Coogee (12 August 2009)

169 Dolphin Street, Coogee NSW 2034


Where's a good cheap steak in Sydney?

These $2 steaks on Wednesday nights are getting seriously popular now and when lining up you really start to wonder if it's worth the wait. When arriving at 7.15 pm there's already a queue of about 50 people waiting to order. Patience is definitely a virtue when there's about a 45 minute wait before you get to order. The steak tonight has a bit more gristle than the first time I tried it but for $2 you can't really ask for much and the ones I've tried have been better than some other cheap $5-$10 steaks I've tried around Sydney. By 9.15 pm the queues are gone so timing is crucial if you decide to check out the steaks.

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300gm Rump Steak ($2) with chips and salad ($2) with any $4 drink purchase from 5 pm

Steamed vegetables $6

Steaks being constantly cooked

7.15 pm queues – the people standing are all in line to order


9.15 pm clear of queues


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Good to see that it's still on! I will get htere one day if onyl to satisfy my curiousity! BTW it's gristle not grizzle :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi Lorraine, thanks so much for the grammar check. your so right. oops! have corrected now! :-)

Peter G said...

Thanks for letting us know about this place...I too am curious to see what it's like.

Trissa said...

Wow - 2 bucks for steak? My brother would love a place like this - can you order more than 1 steak?

Simon Food Favourites said...

Hi Peter, hopefully if you visit your timing will be better for a much shorter lineup.

Hi Trissa, Cock n Bull in Bondi Junction also do $2 steaks on Saturdays. You can order more than 1 steak but you still have to buy a $4 drink per steak ordered. still good value.

Brenda said...

I had to do a double take, I thought it was a typo hehehe! That's the cheapest steak offer I have ever seen!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

2 buck steaks, are you serious! what has the GFC come to?!

Forager said...

Geez. I didn't think a $2 steak would be possible! Gristle or not, for $2, who's complaining?

Simon Food Favourites said...

Hi Brenda, I was so suspicious about a $2 steak at first but it's all good. Cock n Bull in Bondi Junction also do $2 steaks on Saturday, it's crazy!

Hi Maria, I'm keen to find an even cheaper steak. How about a $1 steak!

Hi Forager, you can't even buy a steak at eh supermarket for this cheap. i don't know how they do it. God i hope it's steak hehe

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