30 August 2009

MUMU Grill: Lunch Express Menu using my $35 discount voucher, Crows Nest (15 August 2009)

70 Alexander Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065

Yummy tapas

The first time I visited MuMu Grill was for their Take It Slow Wine Dinner and today I'm fortunate to revisit using a $35 discount voucher I received for signing up to their newsletter as promoted by Not Quite Nigella ie If you join Mumu Grill’s mailing list, Craig will treat you to a free lunch up to the value of $35! On the MuMu Lunch Express Menu I spotted the MuMu Grass Fed Lunch Special which looked reasonably priced and you could choose between a) Eye fillet with pontiac mash and green beans wine and coffee OR b) 3 courses of tapas glass of wine and coffee, both for $30 each.

The great thing about the tapas menu choice is you could pick any 3 tapas on the menu (I've included the price if you ordered it separately). My 3 tapas choices were deliciously impressive and the eye fillet was very good as well as the house wines. We were so full from the food that we actually forgot a coffee was included with our lunch special. With the discount all this came to only $25 which is a bargain for such quality. I would be keen to try other tapas items on the menu which seem quite reasonably priced compared to other places around town.

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15 Aug 2009 - Lunch Express Menu, Pumpkin Gnocchi, Eye Fillet, Zucchini Flowers
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PROS: Reasonably priced and freshly cooked tapas
CONS: Forgot about the coffee included
MUST TRY: Zucchini Flowers, Fried Baby Squid

MuMu Lunch Special – 3 courses of tapas
Zucchini Flowers stuffed with herbed ricotta, cabra and served with tomato salsa $7.90

Fried baby squid $12.90

Pumpkin gnocchi with pancetta, nettle and goat cheese sauce $12

MuMu Lunch Special – Eye fillet
Eye Fillet with pontiac mash (ordered without) and green beans wine and coffee $30

House white and red included with coffee (which I forgot about)

The bill

Lunch and happy hour specials


aptronym said...

Which of the tapas did you like the most?

Simon Leong said...

Hi aptronym, actually they were all really tasty. Squid was tender as it should be, zucchini had a great crispy outer shell while soft ricotta inside, gnocchi was really tasty and generous although was the heaviest and filled you up quickly. i think zucchini was perhaps the standout because I don't get to try these very often hence why i featured it as first photo, also I thought very reasonably priced at $7.90.

YaYa said...

Wow, great value!

Jacq said...

Oh you're so lucky - when I went to MuMu I wasn't allowed to use my discount voucher with the lunch special! The tapas look great, especially the squid =)

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