23 August 2009

Jaya Malaysian: Char Kway Teow, Sydney (13 August 2009)

Maritime Trade Towers, Level 3, Retail Courtyard
201 & 207 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Decent Char Factor

I've found it quite hard to find a good char kway teow in the city for lunch but Jaya Malaysian seems to get a decent charring from the wok to give the dish a bit of a smokey taste. The actual dish is not listed on the menu so I asked for a Malaysian style char kway teow. They knew it was going to need flat rice noodles and they asked me what I'd like in it so I chose chicken and prawn. I think next time I'd get some calamari added too. It's pretty good compared to the Malay-Chinese version which comes with Chinese sausage although Jaya have larger and more moist prawns included. Still no sign of a Char Kway Teow in Sydney which comes with blood cockles like back in Malaysia.

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Char kway teow with chicken and prawn $10

Wok tossed noodles menu board

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Anh said...

Simon, this is great. Love to read your review about restaurant in this area. I need more inspiration for lunch ;)

Stephcookie said...

It's so hard to find a good char kway teow in Sydney. And no one does it with pipis, which is the best :(

Simon Leong said...

Hi Anh, it's a nice place because it's tucked away from busy crowds

Hi Stephcookie, I know what you mean. In Malaysia they include blood cockles but I've yet to come across a place in Sydney which does.

Stephcookie said...

Oops yes I meant cockles not pipis :) I love them in my char kway teow!

Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

I had Malaysian for dinner tonight and it wasnt that good. sigh. Your right, a good char kway teow needs that charring!

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