04 August 2009

Bau Truong Vietnamese Restaurant, Cabramatta (2 August 2009)

42 John Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166

Juicy Crispy Chicken

Vietnamese is one of my favourite cuisines and when I read Pigged-out's blog of Bau Truong I had to check it out. I think they used to be located at 70 John Street as mentioned in the SMH Good Living review and Eatability but that's now a restaurant called Ann Pho for Everyone and Bau Truong have moved to 42 John Street. The service was fast and friendly in this popular restaurant and the decor is much more modern than most of the other cheap and cheerful Vietnamese restaurants around the area. The customers are predominately Asian so that's a good sign in my books.

I really liked the crispy chicken which had a thin crispy skin while the meat remained moist and tender. I ordered it with fried rice which Pigged-out prefers. My family enjoyed the Seafood Spring Rolls but I wish it came with a few more pieces of lettuce to wrap them up with and I still rate the ones at Pasteur in Haymarket as my favourite. The Vietnamese pancake had a nice crunchy shell but I found the contents a little bland because most of it was bean sprouts — I prefer the version you get at Thanh Binh in Newtown. I enjoyed the flavours of the beef special pho and chicken pho (not listed on the menu) which were generous enough to share. I liked how they provided a range of chillies without even asking for them.

What's your favourite Vietnamese restaurant and dish?

Prawn and Pork Fresh Rolls $7.50

Seafood Spring Rolls $10

Vietnamese Pancake $12

Crispy Chicken and Rice (ordered fried) $10

Beef Noodle Special $10

Chicken Pho Soup $12

Bean sprouts, Vietnamese mint and lemon for pho

Chilli and dipping sauces

Chinese tea


Leona @ Pigged-Out said...

Hey Simon!!
So sorry about the wrong address i pasted it from eatability.. looks like they have the wrong address too..

I havent tried Thanh Binh in agesss its a shame i stopped going there cos of bau truong but i still love Thanh Binh!

Have u seen the new viet restaurant that opened 5 shops away form Thanh Binh? the line was insaneeee and out the door.. I think everyone wanted to try it cos its new. Such an asian thing ^_^

YaYa said...

My favourite Vietnamese has to be the vermicelli salads, the combination of fresh herbs, salad veggies and noodles with strongly flavoured meats or spring rolls and a lovely chili dressing is fantastic in summer!

Anita said...

I also would have chosen the crispy chicken - it looks very nice and cooked well. The Vietnamese pancakes would have been another item I would order.

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

I love Bau Truong, it used to be in the little alley and it was much less chic & modern, much more your typical suburban restaurant, but it's totally changed now! But luckily the food is still awesome. My friend and I always get the vermicelli rice dishes (e.g bun thit nuong) and the vietnamese pancake, and a vietnamese dessert drinks - 3 colour drink, san bo luong or iced coffee - omg... i could go on forever! lol. I love viet food!! Oh, have you been to Tan Viet in Cabra, towards the end of John St, their crispy skin chicken is really good and popular - i always have to wait for a table.

marieeats said...

I like the salad here, i had the one with apple last time. I usually go to the one in Canley. I found some of the dishes mediocre but good value definitely prefer it over Dem Hen in Canley.

I love Thanh Binh for the Prawn Paste dish no where else compares!

Cripsy Skin chicken is best at Tan Viet there's always a queue there. They dont seem to open at night cos they make enough money cos when im there at night its never open!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Your blog is really incredible; love the pictures, the reviews and the details!

I was wondering if you agree with Time Out magazine's "Sydney Food Awards"? It was just published this month (http://www.timeoutsydney.com.au/restaurants/sydneyfoodawards) and they've done quite a few listing of the "Bests"....do you agree with them??

Simon Leong said...

Hi Leona, no worries. found it in the end. glad i did. i didn't notice the new viet restaurant. can you remember the name?

Hi YaYa, i love a good viet salad as well with grilled pork. know any good places for me to try?

Hi Anita, can you recommend any other good places for crispy chicken and viet pancakes?

Hi Betty, sounds like your as passionate about viet food as me hehe. Tan Viet is on my list now to try for the crispy chicken, thanks for suggesting.

Hi marieeats, I'd have to agree with you about Thanh Binh for the Prawn Paste dish. I haven't come across a better one anywhere else. they are so big and tasty! Tan Viet sounds like the place to go for crispy chicken, can't wait!

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated. I've had a quick read of timeout best's. there's quite a few good restaurants listed but at no means is it exhaustive. seems to be a lot of expensive restaurants for a start and seems to be slanted more towards what they have already reviewed so there's plenty of other restaurants out there which are just as good I think. but in saying that they do list a few of my favs like Longrain and Spice I Am for thai. I've enjoyed Quay and Tetsuya. A few bloggers have enjoyed Sepia of late. my fav yum cha places have been Zilver and Palace Chinese which aren't on their list. Interesting to see Tan Viet for crispy chicken which has been suggested to me to try. Gumshara for ramen is an acquired taste i feel, it's way too heavy for me so hence didn't enjoy that much and prefer a place like Ramen Kan. Their tapas places are on the pricey side and even though Bodega has lovely food it's not really what tapas is meant to be ie small portions of food which are 'inexpensive', tapas has become an expensive meal option in Sydney — find me a cheap tapas place please!

Anonymous said...

The Bau Truong in Cabramatta is owned by the Mother or the Bau Truong in Canleyvale. Both equally good. a Must try the Sour sop soup and the Quail!

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, thanks for the info and recommendations :-)

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