15 August 2009

Jam: Anathoth vs Weight Watchers (8 August 2009)

Pump up the Jam

What's your favourite brand of jam?

I'm always looking out for that perfect jam where you can see the fruit, taste the fruit, smell the fruit yet still spread the fruit easily on your favourite bread. It also needs to have a high percentage of fruit content and preferably no added nasty colours, preservatives and additives. I used to like the french brand St Dalfour which has a great 55% fruit content but I really dislike the jar design because it's too narrow and deep so when you get to the bottom of the jar your knife inevitably gets jam around the handle — a pet hate of mine. I'm keen on the berry jams like strawberry, raspberry, boysenberry, blackberry and the ones where you get a mix of different fruits. One of my favourite brands at the moment is Anathoth made in New Zealand. It's easy access design, high 50% fruit content and great fruit taste makes it a winner for me which I get from Woolworths. I noticed their website has a Three Berry Jam version but I don't think I've seen this available where I shop. In comparison I find the Weight Watchers jam very watery in look and taste, lower in fruit content, includes more ingredients on the label and is far less satisfying.

Anathoth Raspberry Jam (left) and Weight Watchers Fruits of the Forest (right)

Anathoth Raspberry Jam

Weight Watchers Fruits of the Forest

Anathoth Raspberry Jam ingredients

Weight Watchers Fruits of the Forest ingredients

Anathoth Raspberry Jam

Weight Watchers Fruits of the Forest ingredients


Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Comparing jam with a diabetic version? Isn't that like comparing chocolate with carob? lol

I like St Dalfour too but these days I usually stock up on homemade or farm-made versions at markets, fetes or charity shops. I like to think they're made by a lovely lady called Rose or Gloria...

Jennifer said...

Have you tried the fruit conserve at ALDI? I wasn't hoping for much, but it's actually really nice. Lots of fruit and flavour.

Jennifer said...

... I too, stock up on homemade jams at fetes and markets. Spotted some at a little church stall today as I was walking by - orange & apricot marmalade. Looking forward to trying it.

yygall said...

Actually, there's a simple solution to the St Dalfour bottom of the jar problem: a long handled soda spoon. They actually sell gift packs in Hong Kong with the official long handled St Dalfour spoon.

Madam Wu said...

Anything Weight Watchers is always gonna lose! haha! My current favourite is the raspberry jam from Fratelli Fresh. It always tastes like it's been made with in season fruit, comes in a big and wide jar (with no annoying crevices like the St Dalfour jar) and is only $4.95. Bargain!

Anonymous said...

I like St Dalfour jam. Good fun comparing your jam.

Anita said...

You can certainly see the difference, although I would love to make my own :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

Hi Helen, i should investigate more markets for jams. I'm not sure about charity shops, i always worried if they'll be any good.

Hi Jennifer, thanks for the tip with Aldi jam, i'll have to check it out.

Hi yygall, i guess the long spoon would help but i'm more a knife person when spreading the jam

Hi Madam Wu, i guess you might be right although i don't mind their Weight Watchers Ice Cream, nice a low in points, but you can't really beat high fat for taste. I have bought the strawberry jam from Fratelli in the past. Was pretty good although had such large pieces of fruit it was hard to spread. the raspberry one should be ok though.

Hi Ellie, if St Dalfour used a better designed jar I think it would be a pretty top contender for my preference to buy

Hi Anita, I've never tried making my own, sounds like too much work :-) but if you make a killer berry combo jam I'd be interested to buy some

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