11 October 2009

Forresters Hotel: $5 Steaks, Surry Hills (24 Sept 2009)

336 Riley Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Steak on a budget

I thought the steaks were pretty good for just $5 — you can't expect too much — which were 200 grams and came with mash or chips. You can add vegetables or salad for only $1.50 extra and a sauce for $1 extra. There wasn't too much grizzle which is always the fear when ordering cheap steaks but it's also luck of the draw as well I think. The medium rare steak was perhaps a bit more on the medium side for me so will be ordering it rare next time. The vegetables, salad and chips were pretty standard bistro style. There's a knockout sign on the wall which refers to the incident between South Sydney Rabbitohs NRL coach Jason Taylor and one of his players David Fa'alogo during an end of season drinking session at the Forresters Hotel. The English mustard was really hot if your in need of a hit to the taste buds.

Visits to Forrestors Hotel:
24 Sept 2009 - $5 steaks with chips, vegetables and salad
4 Sept 2009 - $5 steaks are back

Steak and vegetables $6.50

Steak, chips and vegetables $6.50

Steak, chips and salad $6.50

Medium rare

Hot English mustard

Knockout sign

Front area seating

Inside dining

The butcher wall decoration




ellen said...

Do you know if the $5 steaks are for lunch as well?

Betty said...

$5 for a steak is pretty good value! It doesn't look very medium rare though, haha. But I guess you can't expect too much!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi ellen, i believe it's an all day menu for the $5 steaks. i think they also have a $5 chicken dish too.

hi betty, your right about not expecting much but at least it's cheaper than cooking it yourself. rare ended up more to my liking.

Brenda said...

Mmmm love your steak posts....they always get me hungry!

Anonymous said...

No mention what cut of meat is this steak?? $5 might get you a groin steak!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi brenda, steak in general always seems to be tempting.

hi anonymous, i believe the menu says Sirloin although I've never heard of a groin steak :-)

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