18 October 2009

Silo Bakery: Sandwich and Pastry, Kingston, Canberra (2 Oct 2009)

36 Giles Street, Kingston ACT 2604

Loving the bread and cakes

I think if I lived in Canberra I would be tempted to visit this place at least once a week if not more. I've now been 2 days in a row and today is for a quick lunch takeaway before heading off to a friends wedding up at Hall. I grab one of the Roast Beef Sandwiches (unfortunately not many choices left) which looks rather thin and plain and my expectations are that it'll be very dry. I was very surprised to discover the bread was actually very tasty and moist and ended up being quite a nice sandwich. The Rhubarb Danish was excellent — beautifully flaky pastry complimented with moist rhubarb and custard — I've yet to find anything of similar quality in Sydney.

Visits to Silo Bakery:
2 Oct 2009 - Roast Beef Sandwich, Rhubarb Danish
1 Oct 2009 - Treviso Pizza, Blackcurrant Tart, Cappuccino

Roast beef sandwich $8

Rhubarb danish $3.50


Maria@TheGourmetChallenge said...

I love those little bites to eat that are a total surprise. But I do agree that danish looks pretty darn good!

A cupcake or two said...

oh that Rhubard danish looks so good. Arrgghhh

clekitty said...

I have never tried a rhubarb danish before. I do love rhubarb muffins.. so this rhubarb danish would be amazing :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi maria, the danish pastry was so fresh and flaky, always a good sign for delicious treats

hi a cupcake or two, i wish they made them somewhere in Sydney to get right now

hi clekitty, i've haven't tried a rhubarb muffin before but sounds really yummy, where would i get a good one in Sydney?

Elizabeth said...

Bet that Rhubarb Danish is

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi elizabeth, best i've had so far :-)

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