18 October 2009

Silo Bakery: Pizza and Cake, Kingston, Canberra (1 Oct 2009)

36 Giles Street, Kingston ACT 2604

Taste bud treats

I've lost count of how many people have recommended Silo Bakery when you mention your going to Canberra — it seems to have quite a reputation for good food. I've visited once before many years ago and I actually wasn't that impressed with the cake I tried and wondered what all the fuss was about but was determined to give it another go. Upon arriving at 2.45 pm I soon realised the lunch menu had just finished at 2.30 pm but the kitchen were willing to cook me a pizza and I'm so glad they did. I wasn't expecting much but this pizza was so yummy and packed with so much flavour. Even though it was quite large and filling I was determined to try one of their cakes as well and the Blackcurrant, Mint and Cabernet Tart looked the most appealing — it was delicious and light enough to finish it all (just) — I can recommend both of these. The cappuccino was also good and not bitter, although a little luke warm due to absent-minded staff leaving it waiting at the counter for about 5 minutes after being made — isn't it so frustrating when you just see your coffee sitting there and staff forget about you and go about doing other stuff — perhaps they were all too tired after the lunch service and had other things on their mind before closing up at 4 pm.

Visits to Silo Bakery:
2 Oct 2009 - Roast Beef Sandwich, Rhubarb Danish
1 Oct 2009 - Treviso Pizza, Blackcurrant Tart, Cappuccino

Treviso radicchio (spelt raddichio on menu), olive and proscuitto pizza with salmoriglio $18

Blackcurrant, mint and cabernet tart $5.50

Cappuccino $4

Cosmorex coffee sugar packet

View from inside looking out

Outside view


Brenda said...

Mmmm that pizza looked perfect! And so did the tart...mmmmmmm

Belinda said...

Was sitting at that inside table for three under the word Silo just a few weeks ago. Took many tarts home to Sydney with me. *YUM*

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi brenda, you can really tell when it's fresh dough for the pizza, makes such a yummy difference. tart was awesome!

hi belinda, nice spot for people watching. i'm surprised they survived the trip back to sydney, i would have had to eat them before getting out of canberra :-)

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