24 January 2010

Authentic Homemade Turkish Food, Marrickville (24 Jan 2010)

Homemade Turkish Banquet

I love when friends invite you around for dinner, and tonight's a special treat of some yummy home cooked turkish dishes. After some pre-dinner nibbles of cheese, crackers, chips, olives, fruit and homemade dips it was onto the mains. I found the flavour of the rice in the Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers was spiced similar to dolmades and the pepper casing providing a delightful subtle chilli zing to the dish. The Cheese Pastry was a favourite of many of the dinner guests along with the crowd pleasing kofte which was quite light and fluffy which went well with the garlicky homemade hummus. Tonight's host was also responsible for introducing me to the tasty Turkish dishes of Efendy in Balmain and the delicious dips of The Sultan's Table in Enmore. I look forward to discovering and having the chance to try many more authentic Turkish dishes.

Zeytinyaglı Biber Dolması: Rice stuffed bell peppers

Peynirli Borek: Cheese pastry


Homemade hummus

Couscous salad

A little bit of eveything


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Wow, looks so good.

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, i feel lucky to know someone that cooks turkish food so well :-)

Reyhan said...

If you'd like to learn how to make that delicious Turkish food, then check out www.turkishthymecooking.com.au

Simon Leong said...

hi reyhan, thanks for the link :-)

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