27 July 2009

Efendy: Turkish Breakfast, Balmain (26 July 2009)

79 Elliott Street, Balmain NSW 2041

Something different for breakfast

I love when Turkish friends who speak Turkish invite me along to enjoy Turkish cuisine at Turkish places run by Turkish people. Last time for brunch it was at Impress Cafe in Auburn and this time we check out Balmain to try their breakfast offerings. My favourite today is the Kiymali of baked eggs on village style spiced ground lamb — it's so tasty when spread over toasted Turkish bread. I ordered the generous sized Sucuklu which was good except I didn't really like their sucuk sausages and much preferred the version I had at Impress Cafe. The side of bacon was very generous and I could hardly finish it. The baked omelette with halloumi and asparagus looked great and I wished there was more halloumi throughout. Check out the great decorations upstairs including the cute whirling dervishes mobile. The service was very friendly but today there was a bit of a delay waiting for meals from the kitchen probably due to being busy although it was well worth the wait.

Do you have a favourite Turkish restaurant?

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Kiymali: Baked eggs on village style spiced ground lamb stew $15

Sucuklu: Fried 2 eggs, Grilled plate of sucuk-merguez sausages, mushroom, tomato and pastirma $15

Omlet: Baked omelettes with halloumi and asparagus $14

Kaygana: Black Sea style pancake, figs and walnuts in red grape syrup $12

Bacon side $4

Turkish tea $3



Downstairs dining

The Name

1 comment:

Betty @ The Hungry Girl said...

I love the little plate with the sugar cubes! How awesome. I can imagine eating the gooey egg & lamb with turkish bread would've been delicious!

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