16 February 2010

Formaggi Ocello: 3 Cheeses with Champagne and Paté, Surry Hills (13 Feb 2010)

Shop 16/425 Bourke Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

SMH 2010 Best Cheese Store

Formaggi Ocello would have to be one of the larger boutique cheese shops I've visited around Sydney. The SMH Foodies Guide to Sydney 2010 has also awarded them the Best Cheese Store which is even more reason to check them out. A relaxing afternoon snack allows me to try the Blu Di Monviso, Ocello Jersey Brie and Pecorino Al Tartufo which has truffle slivers throughout it giving it a wonderful taste and smell. The Ocello Jersey Brie is creamy with good depth of flavour. The cheeses go down well with a few glasses of Joseph Perrier Champagne I received for my birthday last year and a small tub of Maggie Beer Pheasant Farm Pate I bought from the local deli. I've yet to come across a more reasonably priced paté which tastes decent. I'd love to hear of any others I should try.

PROS: Good selection of quality cheeses
CONS: Makes you fat
MUST TRY: More cheeses
Other stores for cheese:
Formaggi Ocello (13 Feb 2010)
Jones the Grocer (12 Sept 2009)
Simon Johnson (27 June 2009)

Slices of cheese goodies

Blu Di Monviso, Ocello Jersey Brie, Pecorino Al Tartufo

Pecorino Al Tartufo

Ocello Jersey Brie

Blu Di Monviso

Yes, that is a Jatz like cracker — sacrilege I know! But check out that sliver of truffle :-)

Joseph Perrier Champagne

Maggie Beer: Pheasant Farm Pate

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I passed here last night and it was packed! On a Monday night!

3 hungry tummies said...

I walk past the shop many times when I was in Sydney, must go in the next time I'm there!

YaYa said...

That's my kind of meal any time of day! I think the only way you're going to find a good inexpensive pate is to make it yourself!

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, that's pretty crazy. end of the week must be really crazy then.

hi 3 hungry tummies, i've only been in once but can't wait to check it out again.

hi yaya, i've never thought of making pate myself but sounds like a food challenge in there. have you made it before? any good recipes?

jazzmeintea said...

Hi Simon,
Occello is THE best cheese shop in Sydney!! I live in Kings X and make sure that I walk there as fast as possible to justify the amount of cheese I'm purchasing..they always offer tastings which mean I have to walk home even faster!!
PS. I work for Merivale and have been a big fan of your blog since your first MIM blog last year. Great job reporting this year's one too!!

Simon Leong said...

hi jazzmeintea, thanks so much for following my blog and making a comment. very much appreciated. MIM was huge this year. i'm looking forward to next years already. BTW can you recommend your top 3 cheeses i should try from Occello?

Anonymous said...

hey Simon,
I don't know if I can do name the top 3!? The other cheeses would get jealous... ;-) I would say, fleur de Marquis (semi hard sheep's milk cheese from corsica), La Tur (soft tri milk cheese from Italy) and the delice de bourgogne (cow's milk white mould Burgundy) when it's ripe....mmmmmmm and I haven't even touched on hard, blue or goat's cheese

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, they sound great. OK you can now pick a hard, blue and goat's cheese too. and then my aim will be to try all 6 suggested. :-)

jazzmeintea said...

sorry Simon, anonymous was me (just not very computer literate).. Fave hard cheese? Pynegana cheddar (cow's milk, Tasmania), Blue? Bleu de laquelle or St. Agur (both cow's milk from Auvergne)although I'm yet to try the buffalo blue that they stock at occello, goat's? Holy Goat la luna (Victoria).. I can get pretty obsessive with cheese consumption so let me know if you need anymore suggestions..

Simon Leong said...

hi jazzmeintea, thanks for the extra cheese suggestions. i've had the St Agur before — really nice. They seem to use it a lot at the Merivale launches for canapés. :-)

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