03 March 2010

Jellio: Gummi Bears Chandelier (3 Mar 2010)

Jellio: Fun by Design

5000 Gummi Bears lit up

Isn't it great when you come across those moments in life when you think you've just about seen everything and then suddenly seeing something fantastic and surprising makes you realise there's plenty more creativity in the world to be seen. I noticed this recently posted on Swissmiss which I simply felt compelled to share with everyone and some comments also referenced YaYa Chou Gummi Bear Series including an amazing Chandelier. The pictured chandelier sold by Jellio is made of approximately 5000 hand-strung acrylic gummi bears which apparently takes about two months to complete. Only ten will ever be made and each one will be a little different. The chandelier weighs approximately 50 lbs and is 31" in diameter. At first I thought they were actually real edible gummi bears but the material is listed as acrylic, so that's a shame but at least it will last forever. If you want one then buy here.

So which generous person wants to buy me one?


john@heneedsfood said...


joey@FoodiePop said...

How very camp!

A cupcake or two said...

I wonder how many gummi bears they consumed while making that master piece. How cute.

bbsnoopy said...

this looks so hectic!
even a bit too colourful - it would probably making my head spin if i had one LOL

PIE-3.14 said...

That looks way better than this one http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2007/03/gummy_bear_chandelier.html but this one is real.. and would melt ha:)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That is awesome. I could imagine having that above my bed... that way, I'd be having sweet psychedelic dreams every night!


Simon Food Favourites said...

hi john, my thoughts exactly :-)

hi joey, hehe maybe one of the version actually has the rainbow colours :-)

hi a cupcake or two, if they're acrylic i assume not too many or they'd be visiting the dentist pretty soon :-)

hi bbsnoopy, i guess i can see your point. perhaps in the corridor so it's not constantly always to be seen. would make a great talking piece when guests come over though :-)

hi PIE-3.14, oh the real one wins in terms of amazing but i hate to think if it starting melting or going sticky, let alone the dusting hassle

hi debbii, oh yeah sweet dreams for sure every night :-)

Elaine (Three Wise Pigs) said...

For a second I thought they were real gummi bears...thankfully not - what a waste it would have been if they were all melted against the light. Thanks for the sugar craving though!

nomnomnibblies said...

omg so cute!! i wouldn't mind having one of those hanging in my room hehehe

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi elaine, i thought they were real too. so life like.

hi nomnomnibblies, i'd love one too :-)

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