01 March 2010

Le Petit Cafe: French bowl of coffee, Coogee (28 Feb 2010)

63A Dudley Street, Coogee NSW 2034

Coffee, Crepes & Coogee

This new cafe of only 5 weeks definitely matches its name of being 'petit' with small outdoor seating and tables apparently designed from recycled timber by a kids furniture maker in the Blue Mountains. The decent tasting Cafe au Lait is served in a traditional French style bowl and the menu is printed on French exercise book paper. I ask for my Hot Chocolate in a bowl as well but it's not as chocolatey as hoped and lacks some depth of flavour. I enjoy the French Toast with banana and maple syrup with it's sweetness balanced with the light egg taste throughout. There's tempting crepes to choose from and the Breakfast crepe with double smoked ham, gruyère and two free range poached eggs is quite nice. The eggs were ever so slightly over poached but still a little runny.

It was a sunny day and it was quite warm inside the cafe which made it rather unpleasant to sit in so thankfully an outdoor table became available to enjoy the cool breeze — although the flies were out in force too so had to compete with these. Menu prices seem reasonable and so far there's two reviews on Eatability but one review gives full marks which I generally ignore — I often suspect reviews of 10-10-10-10 are by family members, close friends or even owners themselves but I could be totally wrong.

Is there anywhere else in Sydney where you can get traditional French bowls of coffee?

PROS: French bowls of coffee, Tucked away from the main pedestrian strip of Coogee, Efficient service, Reasonably priced
CONS: Hot inside, small seats and tables can be uncomfortable and awkward to eat at
MUST TRY: French Toast with banana and maple syrup, Cafe au Lait, Other crepes

Cafe au Lait $4

Bowl of Hot Chocolate $4

French Toast with banana and maple syrup $9.50

Breakfast crepe with double smoked ham, gruyère and two free range poached eggs $13

Tiny table and crates reminds me of Baffi & Mo and Black Star Pastry


French exercise book lines


Sarah Vino said...

ooo! Definitely will try when I'm around. French Bowls of Coffee!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

You can also get large bowls of coffee at Le Petit Creme!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

A bowl of coffee looks divine ! but too far to go ..hehe

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi sarah vino, the French definitely love their coffee!

hi lorraine, thanks for the tip. will have to check out. funny they both have 'Le Petit' in their cafe names :-)

hi bean sprout's cafe, it's never too far for a foodie hehe :-)

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