10 June 2009

David Jones: Fruit Salad and Mixed Berry Yoghurt, Sydney (10 June 2009)

Food Hall, Lower Ground, 65-77 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Quality fruit salad

The David Jones Foodhall makes my favourite fruit salad in the city. It has so many different fruits including dragon fruit and figs when in season. For an extra hit of berries order the mixed berry yoghurt on top for only $1 and if you ask for no lid you'll end up getting more. There's some seating around the Foodhall or head outside to Hyde Park to catch some sun. If your a regular customer then pick up a loyalty card so you get your 7th medium order free.

Fruit salad (medium $5) with mixed berry yoghurt ($1 topping) — asking for no lid gets you more.

Trays of freshly made fruit salad

Service counter — don't forget to take a number!

Loyalty Card — 7th medium serving is free!

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Anita said...

That yoghurt has some very beautiful colours in it.

MAJL said...

Simon, you are the best! Your photos and blog posts are helping us to plan our trip to Sydney, so thank you!

MmmHa said...
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MmmHa said...

i LOVE DJS for its fruit & yoghurt! (Ooh and their nuts section). Its cheaper than the yoghurt sold at City Central Plaza. Try the yoghurt at Telstra Plaza its only 4 dollars.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi anita, it's always a good selection and fresh

hi MAJL, glad i'm helping you plan your food trip in Sydney. there's lots of hidden gems which I hope I can uncover for you

hi MmmHa, i'll have to check out Telstra Plaza one day

Leona @ pigged-out said...

Id agree with you 100%.
DJs do have the best fruit salad and yoghurt!

In summer i would buy fruit salad almost every day and the lines are shocking..

Every now and then id get a yoghurt (strawberry & passionfruit with extra berries) mmm..

Love how u managed to take photos. I am so shy at times like this hehe

Lily Rose said...

last week, we enjoy and amazing dinner cruise gift vouchers in Sydney horbor.Now this one makes more surprise!!!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi leona, it's still the best i've found so far — they just do it so right. i felt a little awkward taking photos but managed to get some sneaky ones. :-)

hi lily, glad you had fun with your dinner cruise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon,

I've just recently discovered the yoghurt bar after 4 years of working down the street and what a shame it is!
I can't believe I've missed out on four years of weekly vitamin hits and creamy yoghurt textures.

Thanks for the heads up on the loyalty card. Will definitely grab myself one. After all, if I continue basing all my meals on this bar I might as well get my 7th indulgence free!

Keep up the good work!!!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi Anonymous, glad you've finally discovered this fruit salad bar. the one in Westfield Sydney named Top Juice is apparently the same owner I believe hence why the fruit salad looks very similar in quality. Enjoy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Best yogurt ever! I am just visiting Sydney from US. I am wondering if there is any chance you might open up shop in the US? I hope so!

Cara said...

Amazing yogurt, just had it at Top Juice and at David Jones. I live in the US and I would love to replicate the cookie crumble/almonds on the yogurt - any ideas on how its made?

Simon Leong said...

hi cara, not sure how they make it but i reckon it'll be a fairly easy recipe to find on the web perhaps.

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