20 April 2010

Deli Choice Malaysian & Chinese Bistro: Crispy Chicken, CBD Sydney (20 April 2010)

165 King Street (corner Elizabeth St), Sydney NSW 2000
Mon - Sat: 11 am - 9 pm
Phone: (02) 9233 3950

A decent crispy chicken

You really need to time your lunch break well if you go to this popular eatery snuggled next to Element Bistro and Subsolo under the St George Bank. If you arrive around 1 pm it's very busy but if you arrive after 1.30 pm it settles down a bit and is much easier to find a seat. They make a very nice crispy skin chicken which I've had three times now and it's been pretty consistent. A thin and crispy outer skin with moist and juicy meat. I've yet to find a better one this side of town but if your down near Haymarket then I'd also suggest Mamak which has a thicker fried skin and is really tasty. The noodle soup that comes with the chicken is normally rice noodles but if you want egg noodles it will cost you an extra $1. I think it should be egg noodles anyway so I think it's a bit mean having to pay an extra $1 — I assume it would cost pretty much the same as well. Thankfully it's a decent sized bowl which includes a Chinese green vegetable. They also have a popular red coloured fried rice version with fried chicken but I've found the rice a tad dry so I use some of the small soup it comes with to moisten it.

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PROS: Thin and crispy chicken skin with moist and tender meat cooked to order
CONS: Limited seating during peak lunch time, Charge $1 extra to have egg noodles instead of rice noodles, A bit on the pricey side
MUST TRY: Crispy skin chicken

Crispy chicken with noodle soup $9.80, plus $1 for egg noodles

Fried Chicken with fried rice $9.80

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Maria said...

Nice one Simon! I'm always on a look out for new lunch spots :-) And I do love crispy skinned chicken!

YaYa said...

damn, that chicken DOES look good! Haha, you've worked out my strategy for always getting a seat at Malaysian Chinese, I always turn up after 1.30! Just as well I'm a fast eater.

Adrian @ Food Rehab said...

This does look decent indeed! I know what you mean- 5 times out of ten times I get this dish, the skin is great, but the meat is dry! Glad you spotted a gem

tangerine eats said...

I judge a crispy skin chicken on how brown and shiny the skin is and this looks pretty damn good :)

foodwink said...

Who doesn't love crispy skin chicken? Thanks for this review. I work in the city, so it'd be easy for me to pop by for a fix :)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi maria, let me know what you think if you try it.

hi yaya, so you've been before. yeah, the place is just too crowded before 1.30 pm. i think before 12 would also be ok to get a seat. a bit like Malay-Chinese Takeaway too.

hi adrian, i've had 3 good crispy chicken but it's the red fried rice that tends to be quite try. they must be recooking it and it loses it's moisture perhaps.

hi tangerine eats, definitely seems to fit the bill for your brown and shiny skin. although i notice the leg bone tends to have some pink colour in it. i'm not sure if this is unavoidable or what. i know it's cooked but it just doesn't look right sometimes.

hi foodwink, let me know if you try it. would be interested to see if you like it or now. don't forget to have egg noodles with your soup if you prefer. i think it's just wrong with rice noodles for some reason.

john@heneedsfood said...

I haven't had lunch here for ages though next time I may just have to try that chicken. It looks wonderful!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi john, i noticed you did a review a while ago. it seems to attract a regular crowd that know about it. i wish it was a little cheaper though.

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me of this place, which is just around where I work. The recently opened Yummy has stole their limelight. Must pay them a visit tomorrow.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi anonymous, hope you get to check it out soon to compare to Yummy and others :-)

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