11 April 2010

Home Cooking: Oven Roasted Sweet Potato with Australian Made Pork Sausages (11 April 2010)

Carb friendly dinner

Continuing my efforts to use up the pork samples I received from the National Bacon Week Launch I decided to cook the assorted sausages of Weisswurst, Swiss Bratwurst, German/Swiss Cheese Sausage and Chabay/Czabia 'spicy' farm style from Euro Master Smallgoods. My personal food challenge tonight was to cook sweet potato for the first time. Actually it's the first time I've ever picked one up in a fruit and vegetable shop. I decided to slice it length ways, place on an oven tray with olive oil, mixed herbs, paprika, salt and a sprinkling of one chicken stock cube. Baked for about 30 minutes at 220 degrees in my old oven. The reason why I chose sweet potato was that it was mentioned in the ad promotion for The Diet Solution as having less carbs than normal potato. I liked the taste of it so will probably think about having it again.

I cooked the sausages both by pan frying and grilling. I think I went overboard with the grilling of the white sausages including butterflying them but I really wanted to make sure they were cooked — I didn't really know how to cook these, perhaps I should have boiled like a frankfurt? Even though I probably killed all the moistness in them they still tasted OK and were soft to eat. The Chabay/Czabia 'spicy' farm style sausage had a nice spicy bite to it.

Euro Master Smallgoods: Swiss Bratwurst

Euro Master Smallgoods: Weisswurst

Euro Master Smallgoods: Chabay-Czabia 'spicy' farm style

Euro Master Smallgoods: German-Swiss Cheese Sausage

Oven roasted sweet potato with assorted pork sausages and steamed broccolini, Chef Leong :-)

Euro Master Smallgoods: Weisswurst, Swiss Bratwurst, German/Swiss Cheese Sausage, Chabay/Czabia 'spicy' farm style


Kristy Sayer said...

I love roasted sweet potato, well any vegetable roasted like that really.
Some of these sausages look really good! I have a turkish style sausage in my fridge that I need to review, so I'm figuring out what I should cook it with at the moment.

Mark @ Cafe Campana said...

I love german style sausages. There are few foods better than a sausage in a crusty bread roll with lashings of mustard and sauerkraut.

Rose said...

That's nice an easy - thanks for the midweek meal idea! I've been craving sausages all of last week and it's nearly the right weather to have the oven on again...

john@heneedsfood said...

Mmmm sweet potato. This is one vegetable I always forget to buy. I love roasting it drizzled in olive oil, sea salt, nutmeg and pepper

nomnomnibblies said...

ooh yummmm roasted sweet potato! the purple ones are always the best, but it seems like they're very hard to find here in sydney :(

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul said...

Love sweet potatoes Simon and a good banger is always appreciated. The whole dish looks very delicious! Thank you Chef Leong!

Maria said...

Love good sausages! And sweet potato,yum. This would be delicious!

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

I LOVE sweet potato! If I could I would live on it. =D
Great simple dinner idea =)

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi kristy, sounds like you have Turkish sucuk? it's really red in colour and tasty. you can simply grill them or bbq i think. and have with a nice salad or chop up and stir in an omelette would be nice.

hi mark, oh i should have got some mustard and sauerkraut for the sausages :-( but i just used tomato sauce.

hi rose, sausages would go well with a nice mash potato or even make a sweet potato mash :-) such comfort food.

hi john, this is one vegetable i'll know try and remember to buy. nutmeg and pepper sound good. i'll have to try that next time.

hi nomnomnibblies, i'll look out for the purple ones next time. they sound pretty cool.

hi peter, now it's your turn to cook some sweet potato :-) i was reminded today it can be used as a sweet as well, especially in Asian cooking.

hi maria, i love how it goes nice and soft when oven baked. i want to try and make a sweet potato puree next time and have with lamb cutlets.

hi angie, i'm starting to realise there's a lot of sweet potato fans out there. i had no idea it was so popular.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic dish and sweet potato is my favourite vegetable - i t can be used in so many ways - its the best! But it is very hard to find good quality sweet potato on the north shore and northern beaches - from the harbour Bridge to Hornsby and to Palm Beach and in between - I would love to know what other readers think...I am referring to gold and purple...


Simon Food Favourites said...

hi iain, i hope you find a good supplier of the sweet potato on the northern beaches. perhaps a bit of a niche market out there waiting to happen :-)

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